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Wealthy Winter Park on a Budget: 6 Things To Do


Wealthy Winter Park on a Budget

Wealthy Winter Park on a Budget


Winter Park Florida: A Wealthy History

Winter Park is one of my favorite Central Florida towns.  Even before I became a Florida resident 17 years ago, I was attracted to its upscale ambiance and old-world beauty.  Geographically, it’s a mere 5 miles north of Orlando (the tourist capital of the world) but it feels a million miles apart.

Winter Park was founded as a resort community by wealthy northern business magnates in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The affluent “snow birds,” along with their household employees (yeah, they were filthy rich!), would spend the winters in the wonderful warm town they discovered.  Today, in 2017, Winter Park remains the address of some of Florida’s wealthiest individuals.  According to the Orlando Business Journal, some of our top earners reside in Winter Park zip codes.  The old adage “money begets money” seems to hold true here.  I guess money-makers like clustering together.  Birds of a feather, I suppose.  We all reap the benefits, though.  Their multiplied millions have built some pretty spectacular things; art galleries, specialty boutiques, museums, civic buildings, gorgeous parks, a train station, a golf course country club, historic cemetery, and a beach and boat launch.  Wealthy Winter Park is also home to Rollins College, the oldest college in Florida and the nation’s premiere liberal arts college.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Winter Park, the residue of its rich roots seems to be everywhere.  But, here’s some fantastic news: You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy them!  There are ample things to do in wealthy Winter Park, even if you’re on a budget.

6 Things To Do in Winter Park on a Budget

Whether you’re a local looking for a Floridian staycation or a visitor seeking shelter from the craziness of crowded theme parks, Winter Park is a great choice.  I’ve recommended 6 of my favorite inexpensive (or free) things-to-do. Regardless if you have a few hours or a few days, there’s something here for every time schedule… and budget!

  • Park Avenue
  • Central Park
  • Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
  • Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens
  • Robert Bruce Barbour House (Casa Feliz)
  • Kraft Azalea Park

Park Avenue

You can’t visit Winter Park without a leisurely stroll down posh Park Avenue.  With more than 140 boutiques, sidewalk cafes and museums, it’s the signature shopping street.  No doubt, you’ll encounter wealthy Winter Park residents swanking about.  But even though Park Avenue is a Central Florida premier destination for chic shopping and dining, you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy the awesome aura of this special setting.  You’ll experience the same vibrant atmosphere and scenery whether you dish out thousands of dollars or simply engage in some savvy ‘window shopping.’


Winter Park's Famed Park Avenue Shopping & Dining District

Winter Park’s Famed Park Avenue Shopping & Dining District


Park Avenue's "Secret" Hidden Alcoves

Park Avenue’s “Secret” Hidden Alcoves


Impressive Hidden Gems to Discover on Park Avenue

Impressive Hidden Gems to Discover on Park Avenue


Central Park

Prosperous Park Avenue is bordered by oak-canopied Central Park.  The park was deeded to the city by one of Winter Park’s most wealthy and influential early citizens — Charles Hosmer Morse.  Of the plethora of parks throughout Winter Park, this is the crown jewel.  The 11-acre park is beautiful year-round but also plays host to seasonal events like concerts, art shows, exotic car shows, fashion exhibits, festivals, and even [free] movies in the park.  Whether you’re rolling in the dough, or living with your adult children just to make ends meet, admission to Central Park is free!

It’s extremely clean (no dogs allowed in Central Park), and despite its downtown location, I find it quite relaxing.  If you’re a fitness buff on a good run through the park or simply satisfying your people-watching passion with a birds-eye-view from a strategically placed bench, you’ll appreciate the beauty here.

On a recent visit I enjoyed the outstanding ‘sidewalk art’ presented by some very creative middle-school children.  Then, as I approached my favorite area of Central Park, I witnessed a  professional photo-shoot for a young couple’s upcoming wedding.  How gorgeous; I couldn’t think of a better backdrop than charming Central Park.  This area, the far south end of the park, is quite popular with photographers as it includes the peacock fountain and rose garden.  There’s a hexagonal planter with a variety of roses and rows of benches nearby.  I noticed the peacefulness of this place, even before I knew the backstory.  And what a tear-jerking inspirational story it is!  You can read the history of the peacock fountain here on FloridaFunAndFork.

***TIP:  Don’t miss the prestigious Sidewalk Art Festival which draws over 350,000 visitors each year to Central Park to enjoy some of the best art and music in the United States.  


2018 Sidewalk Art Festival Dates

Friday & Saturday March 16 – 17, 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday, March 18th, 9 AM to 5 PM



Memorial Peacock Fountain and Rose Garden in Central Park

Memorial Peacock Fountain and Rose Garden in Central Park


Sidewalk Art in Winter Park's Central Park

Sidewalk Art in Central Park


Train Topiary in Winter Park's Central Park

Train Topiary in Central Park


Central Park in Winter Park Florida

Central Park in Winter Park Florida


Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Even on a shoestring budget, this museum is affordable.  The Morse Museum (created in honor of Charles Hosmer Morse, the man who donated Central Park) houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by American artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Although there are other notable works in the museum, the displays of Tiffany glass outshines them all.  Admittedly, I was not a big fan of Tiffany glass… until I visited the Morse Museum. Wow!  The exhibition includes Tiffany-designed stained glass windows, lamps, glass mosaics, blown glass, ceramics, and jewelry (remember Tiffany’s in New York?).  The extensive collection took me by surprise.   The huge stained glass windows were out-of-this-world gorgeous, and the Tiffany Chapel was absolutely amazing and one of the highlights for me.

Hubby and I spent nearly 2 hours exploring the Morse Museum.  By museum standards, it’s not large, but it has a host of interesting and rare items, and a wealth of historical information to go along with them.  I cannot say enough about the friendliness of the staff and the knowledgeable docents strategically positioned throughout the museum to answer any questions.  It made for a warm and welcoming environment.  This is an impressive museum for the price, $6 for adults, only $1 for students!  Sometimes, during special events, admission is free.  (Check the Morse Museum website for Calendar of Events.)

The Morse Museum is a real gem for Central Florida, and an inexpensive attraction in the heart of Winter Park.  And, it’s conveniently located not far from the SunRail train station.  You can access an in-depth review of The Morse Museum right here on FloridaFunAndFork.


Entrance to the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida

Entrance to the Morse Museum in Winter Park


SunRail Train Station in Winter Park

SunRail Train Station in Winter Park


Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens

This is a story of a wealthy artist and his lavish Winter Park home.  The Albin Polasek Museum is in the historic former home and art studio of Mr. Polasek.  The house showcases his artwork, but what really impressed me was the outdoor Sculpture Garden in the rear of the property, with stunning views of Lake Osceola.  As you tour the historic home which includes Mr. Polasek’s personal chapel, you’ll take a step back in time and learn about the life of this incredibly talented (and affluent) man.

The Exhibition Gallery also features national and international artists and changes throughout the year. The Albin Polasek Museum has been the recipient of numerous awards and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It’s worth the low-cost entry fee — adults $5, seniors (60+) $4, and students w/ID $3.  A visit to this 5-acre historical site is another inexpensive way to see what wealthy Winter Park was like back-in-the-day.

I spent about 90 minutes here during my April birthday weekend in Winter Park, and my review and photo tour can be accessed here on FloridaFunAndFork.  (Wait until you see those sculptures!)


Entrance to Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park Florida

Entrance to Albin Polasek Museum


Albin Polasek Sculpture: "Man Carving His Own Destiny"

Albin Polasek Sculpture: “Man Carving His Own Destiny”


Robert Bruce Barbour House (Casa Feliz)

Speaking of wealthy residents, this home is a blatant reminder of Winter Park’s opulent past.  Casa Feliz means “Happy House” in Spanish.  This Andalusian-style masonry farmhouse is the signature residential work of famed architect James Gamble Rogers II.  It was initially known as the Barbour Estate, and became the catalyst for historic preservation in Winter Park.  The restored Spanish farmhouse overlooks the golf course in the heart of Winter Park.  Casa Feliz is a historic home museum and popular rental location for private parties, weddings, and business events.  The downside to Casa Feliz is its very limited hours.  Public open house is every Sunday between 12 noon and 3 pm, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10 am and 12 noon.  You’ll learn the Casa Feliz story during the open house via trained docents.

If possible, go on a Sunday, to experience “Music at the Casa.”  A different musical group performs each week in Casa’s main parlor representing a broad range of musical genres including jazz, classical, pops, Latin, bluegrass, and folk.  You can afford this museum.  Admission is free, however, there’s a suggested donation of $5 to help support the mission of Casa Feliz. Light refreshments are served and no reservations are needed.  Dress code is casual, as with most Central Florida attractions.  Don’t forget your camera.  You’ll want a few memories from this skillfully refurbished Spanish farmhouse that evokes 19th Century Spain!


Casa Feliz Historic Home & Venue

Casa Feliz Historic Home & Venue


Casa Feliz Restored Spanish Farmhouse

Casa Feliz Restored Spanish Farmhouse


The Rear of Casa Feliz in Winter Park Florida

The Rear of Casa Feliz


Kraft Azalea Park

If you’re doing wealthy Winter Park on a budget, this is another great stop for your itinerary.  Kraft Azalea Park is a scenic public park located in the city of Winter Park.  The 13+ acre property is located on the shore of Lake Maitland.  Kraft Azalea is known as Winter Park’s ‘secret garden’ because of its secluded and unique location.   You’ll drive through a residential neighborhood lined with spectacular homes to get there.  The tree canopy is amazing.  Even on the hottest of days, enormous cypress trees provide shade throughout this beautiful park.  There’s really a sense of ‘Old Florida’ charm here.  It’s easy to imagine Winter Park’s well-to-do money moguls of yesteryear enjoying Florida’s sub-tropical climate as they wintered here.

Kraft Azalea can be reserved for private weddings for up to 20 guests.  The Exedra Monument is stunning. With Lake Maitland in the background, it’s ideal for sunset wedding ceremonies and picture-perfect photography.  Pretty much, there are perpetual photo shoots happening here any time of day — from professional engagement pictures to amateur baby pics.   There are no picnic tables, but don’t let that deter you from having a picnic lunch here (there are benches).  Ideally, for the hopeless romantics, the best time to be here is sunset.  Take a stroll, hand-in-hand with your honey, and enjoy the solitude that Kraft Azalea offers.  This is a true Central Florida treasure that inspires creativity, happiness, and peaceful thoughts.  Definitely a Winter Park favorite of mine that is free fun for all ages!


Entrance to Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park Florida

Entrance to Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park


Kraft Azalea Park Tree Canopy

Kraft Azalea Park Tree Canopy


Exedra Monument at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park Florida

Exedra Monument at Kraft Azalea Park


In Conclusion…

Even though Winter Park was originally developed as a winter resort for wealthy upper-class Northerners, it’s overflowing with inexpensive ways to see this Central Florida City with such rich roots.  I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth nor do I have money to burn, but I truly enjoy Orlando’s wealthy neighbor.  It’s nice to know that you can visit the land of plenty without a bountiful bank account.  I highly recommend a visit to Winter Park, Florida.  It can be affordable, even on a limited budget!


What’s your favorite thing to do in Winter Park on a budget?  Our readers would love to know.  Please share in the “reply” box below!



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Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass for Florida Residents: A Great Value


Disney Annual Passholder MagicBand

Disney Passholder MagicBand


Disney Offers Florida Residents Annual Pass Options

One of the benefits of living in Florida is the ability to purchase an annual pass to the various world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens.  Offering unlimited visits, they can be a huge money-saver.  As a 17-year resident of the Sunshine State, the first thing I did (right after getting my Florida driver’s license) was head on over to a Disney ticket booth to purchase my annual pass.

Even before moving to Florida I was a big fan of “the Mouse!”  Every year we would spend our family vacations at Disney, probably about 20 memorable visits, more or less.  Therefore, it was only fitting to celebrate the 1200-mile-move with our very first Disney annual pass!  Way back then, Disney only offered 2 or 3 types of passes for Florida residents.  For the first 10+ years we splurged and bought the highest priced ticket.  But with hubby and I both working full-time, we found ourselves visiting the parks less and less.  Not that we didn’t have a desire for the Disney magic, our schedules just didn’t allow for it.  In fact, one year we only used the pass once or twice.  Our “bargain-priced” Disney pass ended up costing us a lot of money.

After that, we discussed not renewing our passes.  But then… the masterminds at Disney did something supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  Something so extraordinarily good happened that I’m certain Mary Poppins herself would have been tickled pink.  Disney introduced some brand new Passholder options. And, behold, the Weekday Select annual pass was born.


Our Disney Weekday Select MagicBands

Our Disney Weekday Select MagicBands



What is the Disney Weekday Select Pass?

The Disney Weekday Select annual pass is a fantastic option for Florida residents.  Hubby and I have had ours ever since its inception, and it has served us extremely well.  Hubby and I are retired now, so our time is quite flexible.  And flexibility is key with this type of annual pass.  Weekday Select Passholders can only attend the Disney theme parks Monday through Friday, and certain “blackout” dates are also imposed. The blackout dates are always around major holidays and some other peak times.  (Here’s the link to the Disney Weekday Select 2017 blackout dates calendar.)  They usually include Christmas/New Years week, Easter/Spring break, and the peak summer vacation period from early-June to mid-August.

But, that’s perfect for us.  Since we are locals, with the ability to visit the parks anytime we want, why would we want to be there during those crazy busy times anyhow?  We never enjoy having our toes stomped on by hoards of overly-excited tourists, nor waiting in line for hours for the most popular rides and shows.  Oftentimes, during Disney’s off-season, we can get into those same attractions with little or no wait time.  And once, we made the mega-mistake of going to Animal Kingdom over the 4th of July weekend, with 100-degree heat, and vowed NEVER to do that again!  Between the record-breaking crowds and a downright dangerous heat index, clearly that foolish decision made for a most miserable day.

With the exception of those blackout periods and no admission on Saturdays and Sundays, the Weekday Select pass works just like any other Disney park-hopper ticket.  We are entitled to unlimited visits to all 4 Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.  It also includes park-hopper privileges, meaning we can go to multiple parks on the same day, if we choose.  (Some of the high-priced single-day admission tickets do not allow for park-hopping.)

With my Weekday Select pass I’m able to attend all my favorite Disney events, like the colorful Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, the yummy Epcot Food and Wine Festival, and the creative Epcot International Festival of the Arts.  And this year I’m among the first to see the NEW Rivers of Light nighttime show, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular, and Pandora: The World of Avatar.


Dining Discounts for Disney Weekday Select Passholders

Dining Discounts for Disney Weekday Select Passholders


Disney Weekday Select Pass Perks & Discounts

In addition to unlimited park entry throughout the year (excluding the block out dates), there are many other special benefits included with the Weekday Select pass.  Here are a few of my favorites…

  • FREE Parking!  The Weekday Select annual pass hasn’t always included this benefit.  Free [standard] parking has only been added within the last two years.  For us, this was an impressive improvement to the value of the pass.  Considering that Disney parking is now $20/day, that can add up quickly over the course of a year.  Hubby and I try to use our pass at least 12 times a year, so that’s a savings of $240.
  • Disney Dining Discounts!  As a Weekday Select Passholder we receive a discount at select Disney restaurants in the theme parks, at Disney Resorts, at Disney’s Boardwalk, and at the newly redesigned Disney Springs complex (formerly Downtown Disney).  The discount is typically 10% off the total bill but can be greater during special promotions.
  • Merchandise Discounts!  A 10% discount is given at all Disney-owned retail shops, including some of the kiosks found throughout the theme parks.  Another fantastic perk for us, as oftentimes we take our toddler Grandson, who expects a souvenir every time he’s there.  NOTE: This year, in 2017, there’s a special 45th anniversary promotion that allows a 20% discount at many of the shops and restaurants.
  • Lodging Discounts!  As a Weekday Select Passholder we can make reservations at select Walt Disney World Resorts with savings up to 35%.  Obviously, the best deals are usually during off-season, but again, that’s when we prefer to be on Disney property.  Passholders should bookmark this page when searching for discounted accommodations at Disney Resorts.
  • Tour & Special Events Discounts!  There’s been a surge in recent years in the number of behind-the-scenes tours and special events added by Disney.  Our Passholder discount varies with each individual tour.
  • Movie Ticket Discount!  The Weekday Select pass includes a $2 savings per ticket for movies at the Disney Springs theatre.
  • Others!  Although I’ve never used it, there are discounts available for rental cars, salon treatments, childcare at select Disney Resorts, and a 20% discount on all purchases made with the Shop Disney Parks app.  Also, live entertainment discounts like 20% off Disney on Ice and Disney Live shows, and recently a $50 discount off certain performances of The Lion King touring production.

NOTE:  In order to receive the special discounts mentioned above, the Passholder must present their physical annual pass (the plastic card, not just the MagicBand) along with a valid photo ID.  Trust me, the savings are more than worth it!

TIP:  A good place to find up-to-date information on deals and discounts is on the Disney Passholder Facebook page.  Disney doesn’t always publicize special discounts on their website.


Walt Disney World Passholder




How Much Does a Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass Cost?

The Disney Weekday Select annual pass is only available to Florida residents with proof of Florida residency, such as a Florida driver’s license or State issued identification card.  The cost, for ages 3 and older, is $286.49 which includes tax.  (Our cost is even less, as we receive a renewal discount every year.)  If hubby and I attain our goal of 12 yearly visits, that’s less than $24 a visit for each of us!  You can’t get a better Disney deal (apart from being a Disney Cast Member with free tickets!).


Monthly Payment Program

In an effort to make Disney annual passes affordable to more Florida residents, Disney has implemented a monthly payment program.  It allows the Passholder to spread the cost of the pass over 12 monthly payments.  When you purchase the pass, you will be required to make a down payment.  The balance will be split into 12 monthly payments that will be automatically billed to the credit card of your choice. (The first monthly payment is charged the day you sign up.)  For the Weekday Select pass, the down payment is $114, with monthly payments of $14.38.


Let the Memories Begin!

Let the Memories Begin!


A Year of Magic for a Lot Less

I’m feeling oddly good about the value here.  You won’t hear me say that about too many Disney price tags.  But, as the price for a one-day Walt Disney World ticket keeps escalating, (from $105-$172) an annual pass is a valuable option for Florida residents.  I highly recommend the Weekday Select pass if you are able to attend on weekdays.  I haven’t missed out on anything by switching to this cost-efficient pass.  In fact, I still have all the fun experiences and awe-inspiring moments that I’ve come to expect at “The Happiest Place On Earth,” only for a fraction of what I used to pay!


How has the Weekday Select Annual Pass worked for you?  Please share your Passholder experience with our readers in the “comment” box below!

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Review: Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden at Bok Tower


Hammock Hollow Children's Garden at Bok Tower Botanical Gardens

Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden


Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden: Education and Exploration for Kids

The new Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden is an outstanding addition to the already beautiful landscape of Bok Tower Gardens.  It’s a fantastic place for kids to explore nature.  Recently, I took my toddler Grandson to Hammock Hollow, and what an awesome time he we had!  The environment was not only fun but extremely educational.  We spent several hours there and his curious mind never stopped exploring the unfamiliar territory.  It was the perfect place for my inquisitive little guy.  It seemed as if there were interesting surprises around every corner.  My 3-year-old is eager to learn about the natural world, and there was no better place than the hands-on classroom of Hammock Hollow to educate him.


Hammock Hollow Children's Garden Site Map

Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden Site Map


Site Map of Hammock Hollow: 17 Unique Areas

Upon arriving at Hammock Hollow, it’s beneficial to take a look at the site map for the Children’s Garden. You’ll notice that it’s divided into 17 different areas.  According to your child’s age and interests, some sections may be better than others.  I’ll list a few of the ones that my Grandson, Apollo, liked.

TIP:  It’s a good idea to print a copy of the site map and have it available when you arrive.  You can download a copy of Hammock Hollow Site Map here, directly from the Bok Tower Gardens website.   

The Gateway

We began our garden adventure by entering through the keystone gate.  The kid-size entrance is just the right size for little ones.  Grandma’s can go through here too, just don’t forget to duck!  This area was a gift from the Bok Family.


The Keystone Gateway Entrance to Hammock Hollow Children's Garden

The Keystone Gateway Entrance to Hammock Hollow


Stone Mosaics

The pebble mosaics were really cool.  There were both large and small ones, including a woodpecker, gopher turtle, and firefly.  Apollo has a fetish for any kind of rocks.  On any given day his pockets are filled with them.  So it goes without saying that he was fascinated by the artwork made with these colorful little stones.  Sculptor Kevin Carman created the masterpieces that perfectly complimented the entrance.  This area was a gift from Alexis and Jim Pugh.


Pebble Mosaics at The Gateway of the Children's Garden

Pebble Mosaics at The Gateway


Indigo Pass

I’m not usually a fan of snakes, not even the caged kind.  But this humongous pebble mosaic snake sculpture seemed like a friendly fellow.  This lifeless reptile encircled a tot-sized sand area complete with sand pails and shovels.  What a fun way to help young children develop motor skills.  The area has a sunscreen overhead to allow the kids to linger a little longer.  I really love exotic bamboo trees, so I was happy to see them planted as a backdrop to the sand play area.  I’m looking forward to seeing their growth in a few years as they tower over this twisty serpent.  Indigo Pass was a gift from Frank and Carol Drake.


Indigo Pass Sand Play Area at the Children's Garden

Indigo Pass Sand Play Area


River Walk

As a Florida resident for the past 17 years, one thing I learned very quickly was that the Sunshine State has 3 seasons: hot, hotter, and hottest!  Obviously the designers of Hammock Hollow learned that lesson too.  I’m sure that’s why they created the sparkling springs of River Walk.  It’s the perfect place for the children to cool off.  There are misters, spray jets, foggers, and fountains.  This area is paradise for any rock-climbing tyke.  River Walk was a gift from Publix Super Markets Charities.

This is a good time to remind you to pack a change of clothes for your child (or maybe 2 or 3!).  And don’t forget the sunscreen — remember that Florida heat I told you about?  Even in the winter months the sun’s rays can have dangerous UV levels.


The Sparkling Springs at River Walk in the Children's Garden

The Sparkling Springs at River Walk


Ledge Walk

Along the Ledge Walk kids will have a blast exploring all the little nooks and crannies in these huge rock formations.  The fern-covered rocks represent Florida’s remarkable karst limestone history.  The Florida Peninsula is a porous plateau of limestone that was formed many millions of years ago.  Another great opportunity for a brief history lesson for your child.  As parents, you may want to read up on the Geology of Florida before you go.  (Your kids will think you are so smart!)


The Ledge Walk Representing Florida's Limestone History at Hammock Hollow

The Ledge Walk Representing Florida’s Limestone History


Edward Bok Word Garden

Edward Bok was a Pulitzer-Prize winning author and also the publisher of one of the finest magazines of yesteryear, the Ladies Home Journal.  You can imagine the importance of “words” to a man with such creative writing talents.  The Edward Bok Word Garden is an area dedicated to his memory.  Unlike the other sections of the Children’s Garden that serve as outlets for physical play, this one is more reflective. Here, the beautiful stones each have an inspirational word etched in them — words that teach our children about qualities that make the world a better place.  Pick up a few of the rocks at random and take the opportunity to teach your child about the importance of peace, joy, beauty, caring, and success.  It’s also fun moving the stones around to create sentences or phrases.  After some exhilarating physical exercise, take a moment to rest in the Word Garden.  It will rejuvenate the body and soul.


Inspirational Stones at Edward Bok Word Garden

Inspirational Stones at Edward Bok Word Garden


Apollo Resting in the Word Garden at Hammock Hollow

Apollo Resting in the Word Garden


Fence Swift Stumpery and Fox Den

Without question, the Fence Swift Stumpery and Fox Den was one of Apollo’s favorite areas at Hammock Hollow.  My little dude loves to run, jump, and climb on things.  At the Fox Den there was a log climb that challenged Apollo to take it slow and focus on balance.  The Fence Swift Stumpery garden proves that even tree stumps can be beautiful and useful.  It was inspired by the acrobatic lizards that are native to Florida. Although we have many species here, I like watching Geckos.  It’s pretty interesting to see how they use their tails while leaping from place to place.  This sprawling area under a shady oak hammock was the perfect spot for Apollo to put his best Gecko imitation to the test.


Fox Den Log Climb at Hammock Hollow

Fox Den Log Climb


Apollo Creates a Masterpiece from Tiny Logs at Hammock Hollow

Apollo Creates a Masterpiece from Tiny Logs



Doodle Bug Art Place

The Doodle Bug Art Place is an area to encourage young artists to display their artistic ability.  The paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils are provided.  The tables are made from wood and the seats from tree logs.  When finished, the child can proudly showcase their drawings with the other Hammock Hollow guests by hanging the artwork on a clothes-line type apparatus secured with a clothes pin.  Who knows… the next Van Gogh might just be discovered here at Hammock Hollow!  The Doodle Bug Art Place was a gift from The Herndon Family Foundation.


Doodle Bug Art Place at Hammock Hollow Children's Garden

Doodle Bug Art Place at Hammock Hollow


Supplies Are Provided at Doodle Bug Art Place

Supplies Are Provided at Doodle Bug Art Place


Songbird Music Tree

The Songbird Music Tree is the perfect spot for your budding musician.  Here, you’ll find several tuned acoustic instruments that encourage hands-on activity.  Depending on your child’s age, this would be a great opportunity to introduce them to the rich musical heritage of Bok Tower Gardens.  The nearby rope hammocks are another great place for parents and kids to rest.  The Songbird Music Tree area was a gift from The Ruth V. Marchione Foundation.


Songbird Music Tree Acoustic Instruments

Songbird Music Tree Acoustic Instruments


Acoustic Instruments at Songbird Music Tree in Hammock Hollow

Acoustic Instruments at Songbird Music Tree


Rope Hammocks Provide Rest at Hammock Hollow Children's Garden

Rope Hammocks Provide Rest at Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden


Spider Climb

Another of Apollo’s favorite activities at Hammock Hollow was the Spider Climb.  It’s a gigantic spider-web-inspired structure that allows children to weave their way through this enormous faux web.  But be careful, keeping your balance while others are maneuvering the web can be quite challenging.


Spider Climb at Hammock Hollow Children's Garden

Spider Climb at Hammock Hollow


Cypress Boardwalk

Hammock Hollow has a beautiful winding boardwalk that twists and turns along a Cypress grove.  They’ve strategically placed bird feeding stations in the Bird Hollow section and added special plants that attract wildlife, birds, and butterflies.  Few children have actually caught a butterfly, but most of them enjoy the difficult task of trying.  Apollo does, for sure!


Cypress Boardwalk at Hammock Hollow Children's Garden

Cypress Boardwalk at Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden


Pine Place Representing the Pine Forests of Florida

Pine Place Representing the Pine Forests of Florida


In Conclusion…

The fundraising efforts certainly paid off for this amazing project — raising over $16 million dollars in donations, far exceeding their initial goals.  I found Hammock Hollow, the new interactive children’s garden at Bok Tower Gardens, to be fun for the entire family.  The interactive areas encompass 3+ acres, and do an outstanding job of representing Florida’s varied ecosystems.

It did my heart good to see so many children engaging in outdoor activity.  Some of my fondest childhood memories include playing outside after school, on weekends, or any chance I had.  Decades later, I still remember those mud pies!  But it’s a different world now.  With the age of rapid technological advances, oftentimes we depend on our [very young] children to educate us regarding computers, cell phones, and most other wired devices.  We must keep up with this “wired” world, or get left behind.  Not minimizing that, my concern is that children are missing out on healthy physical exercise, not to mention the overall learning experiences that are only found in the classroom of nature.  And, Apollo felt like a million dollars after his outdoor adventure!


Apollo Felt Like a Million Dollars at Hammock Hollow!

Apollo Felt Like a Million Dollars at Hammock Hollow!


Leave No Child Inside — Nature Play is Healthy

There is growing research about the positive impact of nature play for children.  This type of unstructured play in the outdoors has proven beneficial for a child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.  I highly recommend a best-selling book by Richard Louv entitled “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder.”  It talks about the great divide between children and the outdoors, with possible links to childhood obesity, attention disorders, and depression.  The book’s success has spurred a national movement called “Leave No Child Inside.”  I’m so grateful Bok Tower Gardens is doing their part to reunite our children with nature.  Don’t miss this Central Florida attraction!

NOTE:  Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden is just an hour’s drive from Disney and the Orlando area.

TIP:  Florida residents may want to consider an Annual Membership to Bok Tower Gardens for year-round unlimited admission.  With many membership levels, there’s one just right for your adventurous family.  A membership also includes the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program, with free or discounted entry to attractions, museums, and gardens throughout Florida and the United States.  



What is your family’s favorite outdoor activity?  Can you recommend a special place to enjoy an outdoor adventure?   Please reply in the comment box below!



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Sailing Lessons – A Unique Florida Gift for Any Age


Sailing Lessons: The Perfect Florida-themed Gift for Any Age!

Sailing Lessons: The Perfect Florida-themed Gift!


Help!  I Need a Unique Milestone Birthday Gift Idea

Time was running out.  There was only two weeks left to come up with something magnificent and memorable for my hubby’s birthday.  And this wasn’t just any birthday, but a milestone one that required something more than the traditional dinner and flowers.  To make matters worse, he had the audacity to be born right between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, so typically we find restaurants and hotels in Florida to be overbooked, overpriced, and way under our expectations.  So wine and dine was no option.

Sure, I could have done the [pretend-you’re-surprised] surprise birthday party, but that was too obvious. Isn’t that what everyone does when they’re celebrating three-quarters-of-a-century?  The pressure was mounting and I felt like hubby thought I had it all under control, but in reality I had nothing planned and the onslaught of negative thoughts were having a party in my perplexed little head.  I had no peace and was flat-out persuaded this special birthday was not going to be special at all.

Unusual Gift Ideas for a 75th Birthday

You’re probably thinking why didn’t I just go to the big “G” to get some recommendations for unusual birthday gifts.  Truth be told, I spent hours doing Google searches that yielded very little results for something truly unique for a “seasoned citizen” living in Florida.  Consequently, the word ‘senior‘ created a barrage of results giving me the top birthday ideas for men wasting away in state run nursing homes.

Really?  Do they assume at 75 you’re senile and immobile?  My hubby gives new meaning to the term “active adult!”  He walks in divine health and has more energy and stamina than I do.  The recorded miles on his Fitbit don’t lie!  No, I had no interest in a gold plated custom-engraved magnifying glass or imported European walking stick.  The top sure-to-please gifts for a 75th birthday (according to the search engines) were not going to impress my golden guy.  I needed a special gift to reflect his youthfulness, not what the candles on the cake were indicating.

Sailboat Charters: The Perfect Special-Occasion Gift!

I was disappointed, to say the least, with my search engine results.  The popular opinion seemed to be that many of us will either be dead by 75 or incontinent.  But longevity is an inheritable trait, so I expect my handsome husband to be around for many more milestone birthdays!

So even after searching the internet, I was back to square one.  My hubby doesn’t need Metamucil, has been on hot air balloon rides, climbed the ancient Mayan Pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala, and encountered screaming [Howler] monkeys in the jungle, among other notable experiences.  Surely the Sunshine State has something outside the [boring] birthday box to offer his adventurous spirit, right?

In an effort not to be totally humiliated on that special day, I reluctantly booked four nights at a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Inn near Daytona Beach, only 10 minutes away from one of the top-rated restaurants in the country.  It was exactly what I did not want to give… dinner and flowers!  But I was persistent.  In the wee hours of the morning, while hubby was sound asleep, I finally received my breakthrough.  While searching TripAdvisor for “Things to Do in the Daytona Beach/Holly Hills area,” I came across a fantastic option — charter a sailboat with your own private captain!  But even that was not so unusual for us.  We have fond memories of sipping champagne as the sun was setting on a spectacular sailboat in the Florida Keys.  But this one had a unique twist


Our 36′ Morgan Nelson/Marek Designed Sloop EAGLE


A Private Sailboat Charter Was the Perfect Unique Gift!

A Private Sailboat Charter Was the Perfect Unique Gift!


Private Sailing Lessons — I Hit the Mark with Eagle Yachts!

No, this was not your typical sit back and sip champagne kind of sailing.  In fact, alcohol is strictly prohibited on this sailboat.  I was booking a participatory adventure.  In short, that means we were going to be sailing the boat!  During our two-hour cruise down Florida’s Halifax River we would receive private sailing lessons.

I had contacted Captain Eric West with Eagle Yachts who helped me understand how it all worked.  I was so impressed with Captain West.  I told him the sailing lessons were a birthday surprise for my husband, so he privately texted the directions to the marina and secretly answered my many questions.  He helped me keep it a secret, and my husband never knew where we were going when we left our accommodations at The River Lily Inn… until we pulled into the marina!  And even then, when he fixed his eyes on his birthday surprise, he assumed it was going to be your average sit-back-and-relax chartered sailboat ride.  Not so!  I was convinced I hit the mark with Eagle Yachts.


Adventure Yacht Harbor in Daytona Beach/Port Orange, Florida

The Dock at the Marina - My Husband's First Clue to His Birthday Surprise!

The Dock at the Marina – My Husband’s First Clue to His Birthday Surprise!


Location of Adventure Yacht Harbor on Florida’s Atlantic Coast

The Adventure Yacht Harbor is located just south of Daytona Beach and near Ponce Inlet, Florida.



Sailing Lessons in Central Florida — The Perfect Gift for ANY Age!

I was amazed to learn that no prior sailing experience was necessary, nor any maximum age restrictions imposed.  In fact, Captain West told me he had just finished a lesson with a 90-year-old man who did fantastic!  And, that senior citizen chose the more adventurous “ocean route” verses the calm Intracoastal Waterway I had elected.  Captain West wasn’t even concerned that I couldn’t swim.  He said he had given sailing lessons as young as three years old!

Prior to leaving the dock we were given detailed instructions and taught proper sailing terminology to be used throughout our trip.  Captain West would not allow any negative talk, and making fun of each other’s efforts was a major no-no.  We were also educated on sailboat safety and emergency procedures. Knowing that the life jackets were within easy reach helped to calm my nerves, although wearing them was optional.  By the time we set sail I felt perfectly safe and one-hundred-percent confident in Captain West’s vast experience and nautical knowledge.  And, besides being an excellent teacher, Captain West is an interesting story teller as well.  This sailor has had some incredible high-seas sailing adventures!  For private sailing lessons in Central Florida… Captain West is certainly the best!


Private Sailing Lessons on the 36-Foot ‘EAGLE’ Sailboat

Captain West - Our Professional Sailing Instructor

Captain West – Our Professional Sailing Instructor


Sailing 101 — Welcome to the Classroom

It was an extremely windy day with wind gusts to 28 knots, which made our sailing adventure even more dramatic.  During our two-hour sail on the Intracoastal we did a lot of winching and had to tack a lot. (Those were a few sailing terms I learned… and remembered!)  Hubby and I both had the opportunity to take the helm for about thirty minutes each.  We found the sailboat to be responsive, easy to control, and we were not intimidated in the learning process.

What an incredible classroom!  As sailors we learned all the basics: points of sail, rules of the road, overboard procedures (I tried not to focus on that one too long), heaving to, reefing, required safety equipment, maneuvering under sail and power, anchoring, and so much more.


The 36-foot ‘EAGLE’ Yacht: Our Hands-on Classroom!

Hubby at the Helm of the Sailboat

Hubby at the Helm of the Sailboat

That's Me at the Helm of the Sailboat

That’s Me at the Helm of the Sailboat

I'm Working Hard - Because of the high winds, we had very little time to rest!

I’m Working Hard – Because of the high winds, we had very little time to rest!

Captain West Working the Sails

Captain West Working the Sails

Hubby Anchoring the Sailboat with Captain West's Approval

Hubby Anchoring the Sailboat with Captain West’s Approval


Dolphins & Various Marine Life — The Icing on the Cake!

For an added bonus during our sailing lessons, we witnessed playful dolphins and various other marine and bird life. Occasionally, according to Captain West, manatees, ospreys, frigate birds, manta rays and eagles are sighted.  He told us this area is also a Right Whale sanctuary and calving ground, therefore, they can sometimes be spotted between November and April.  (I would have loved to see them!  They are among the most endangered of the world’s large whales, with an estimated population of only 500!)  My only regret was that I couldn’t take more pictures of the marine life… we were too busy working!


Marine Life as Seen from Our Sailboat

Shore Birds Sitting on a Pier - Halifax River

Shore Birds Sitting on a Pier – Halifax River


The ‘EAGLE’ Yacht is Not Just for Sailing Lessons…

Even though Captain West specializes in private sailing lessons, there are additional events he’s available for…

  • Lessons on your own boat
  • Burial ashes scattered offshore
  • Wedding proposals
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Meteor shower watching trips at night
  • Any special requests


Call Captain West with Your Special Sailing Request

Call Captain West with Your Special Sailing Request


Contact Captain Eric West:

(386) 295-2578 or at

Eagle Yachts Website

Sailing Lessons – For the Young and Young at Heart!

We would highly recommend this sailing experience to anyone… young, or young at heart!  The sailing lessons were not only educational, but entertaining.  The next time you’re searching for a special occasion or unique Florida-themed gift, think outside the box.  Our sailing lessons were unforgettable!  Chartered sailboat lessons make great gifts for birthdays, retirement, graduation, promotions, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.  Or, here’s a fantastic idea: Purchase a 2-hour Private Sailing Lesson Gift Certificate and donate it to a charity fundraiser.

Sailing Lessons are not only the perfect unique gift for Florida residents, but also the millions of tourists who visit every year.  It’s a beautiful reprieve from the hectic Central Florida theme parks, yet only an hour or so away from them. We’re already planning sailing lessons for our best friends who visit from Pennsylvania every year.  And, because of Florida’s mild semi-tropical climate, it’s something you can do 12 months out of the year!  We went in the middle of February.  By Florida standards, it was quite chilly (low 60’s) but a sweat suit kept us comfortable and warm.

NOTE: The cost for the sailing lessons was far less than I had imagined.  For a very reasonable rate of $85/hour, (minimum 2 hours), I spent $200 which included a $30 tip.  Although it was just hubby and me, Captain West allows up to 6 people on the sailboat, which makes the lessons a very good value for families or small groups.    


Finished Our Lesson – Officially Sailed a Boat!

Completed Our Very First Sailing Lesson!

Completed Our Very First Sailing Lesson!


A Gift to Remember Our Sailing Experience

Each time we travel some place new or have a first-time life experience, I try to bring home a unique gift or souvenir to remember the occasion.  Imagine our surprise then, when Captain West photographed us sailing the boat, then hand-delivered the keepsake photos to us at The River Lily Inn the following day. What an unexpected personal touch!  And a sweet souvenir from our sailing adventure that we didn’t have to purchase.

Sailing Lessons: The BEST Birthday Gift… Ever!

Needless to say, hubby absolutely loved his gift.  In fact, he has reminded me many times that it was the best birthday gift he ever received.  Perhaps it was the ‘secret’ element; he’s so hard to keep a secret from! Here’s my challenge though… his birthday is coming up again in a few weeks.  How do I top the sailing lessons?


Happy Birthday Hubby!  He Was a Happy Man!

Hubby LOVED His Sailing Lessons! from Eagle Yachts!

Hubby LOVED His Sailing Lessons!


Would you consider Sailing Lessons for a unique special occasion gift?  Or perhaps you have another unusual gift idea.  Please share with our readers in the “comment” box below!  

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Disney Chef Mickey’s Character Dining – Review and Photos


Entrance to Chef Mickey's Character Dining at WDW Contemporary Hotel

Entrance to Chef Mickey’s Character Dining


Chef Mickey’s Character Dining at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

My Grandson, Apollo, was turning 3 years old and I wanted something spectacular and memorable to mark this special occasion.  As Florida residents and Disney Annual Passholders, we frequently take him with us to the Disney theme parks.  We have been ever since he was 9 months old.  So simply attending Magic Kingdom (his favorite) or Animal Kingdom wasn’t unique enough.  It had to be a little more unusual — something as remarkable as the Disney Parks but distinctively different.  We wanted him to know this day was not the same as our usual visits to Disney.  After all, it’s not every day a toddler turns three, is it?

We opted for a Disney Character Brunch at Chef Mickey’s inside the Contemporary Resort Hotel.  Hubby and I love the California Grill on the 15th floor of this hotel; in fact, it’s one of our favorite fine-dining restaurants on Disney property.  But, certainly Chef Mickey’s would be very different then the award-winning exquisite cuisine experienced in their signature dining spot high atop Seven Seas Lagoon.  We knew there would be no comparison, but hoped, and even expected, Chef Mickey’s to be just as noteworthy.  The following Review reveals whether this popular Disney restaurant met our expectations.


Chef Mickey’s Check-in Procedure

Upon arriving at Chef Mickey’s we checked in with the hostess.  Our brunch reservation was for 12:55 and we arrived at least 15 minutes early, just as Disney recommends.  We were given one of those restaurant “pagers” — the kind that light up and vibrate when your table is ready.  This one was pure Disney though, as it included trivia questions about Walt Disney World, each with multiple choice answers.  The birthday boy latched onto ours, so we didn’t get to play.  A small price to keep an active toddler somewhat occupied!

After receiving the “pager” we were told to get in line for a family photograph, taken by Disney photographers.  (Perhaps the reason they request that you show up early.)  Of course, there’s no obligation to purchase the photos.  But you know how that goes.  Once you see those adorable shots, you just have to have one.  The photo process is the same as in the Disney theme parks.  After shooting several poses the Disney photographer scans your Magic Band or PhotoPass Card and they are conveniently linked to your online Disney account where you can preview and purchase them.  I must admit, ours came out much better than expected.  And yes, I did purchase one!

Shortly after our photo shoot, the “pager” went off.  Coincidence or strategic?  I’m not sure, but the anticipation was growing for Apollo who was more than ready to see his favorite Disney Characters.


Family Photo at Chef Mickey's Taken by Disney Photographers

Family Photo at Chef Mickey’s Taken by Disney Photographers


The Pager at Chef Mickey's Complete with Disney Trivia

The Pager at Chef Mickey’s Complete with Disney Trivia


Birthday’s Are Special at Chef Mickey’s

Here’s the first thing that impressed me: A Birthday Card signed by all 5 of the Disney Characters that were present that day was already on our table.  Apollo discovered the card immediately and was elated to see who it was from.  However, the real surprise here was for me.  In my quest to keep an active and adventurous 3-year-old under control, I had forgotten to request anything special for Apollo’s birthday upon check-in.  I booked my reservation online through the official Disney dining website, but unlike some other restaurant reservation forms, there was no spot to place a special request.  Typically, you are to mention any special occasions to the hostess, who in turn alerts the restaurant staff.  But a conscientious hostess saved the day!  Apparently, she had noticed that Apollo was wearing his Disney Birthday Button and acted on it, without me having to ask.  Kudos to this young lady for her attentiveness.  I could tell that birthday’s are special here at Chef Mickey’s, and the hostess and servers go above-and-beyond to make sure your child is recognized.


Apollo Was So Excited to Receive a Birthday Card at Chef Mickey's

Apollo Was So Excited to Receive a Birthday Card at Chef Mickey’s


Apollo Received a Surprise Disney Birthday Card Signed By the Characters

Apollo Received a Surprise Disney Birthday Card Signed By the Characters


Apollo's Disney Birthday Button and First Annual Pass Button

Apollo’s Disney Birthday Button and First Annual Pass Button


As you can see, we were also celebrating Apollo’s very first Disney Annual Pass.  Children under 3 have free theme park entry, but ages 3 – 9 require a child’s ticket.  A milestone for Apollo who was becoming increasingly upset that he didn’t have his own Magic Band like Mimi and Pappy.  We chose a fire-engine-red color for him!  After our brunch at Chef Mickey’s he was able to use it for the first time at Magic Kingdom.  He was prouder than a peacock on Pine Island!  In the mind of a 3-year-old, he’s all grown up now.



Chef Mickey’s: Buffet-Style Quick Service Disney Dining

Chef Mickey’s is a casual buffet-style restaurant serving American cuisine in a large open area that is brightly colored with a lively loud  atmosphere.  Since it’s a buffet, you can feed hungry kids (and Grandma’s) quickly.  There’s no waiting to order, other than the included non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.  Our server greeted us almost immediately after we were seated, and took our beverage selections.   Service was fantastic the entire time, but that’s to be expected with a buffet.  Our server was an older woman (a bit surprising to me in a place with a gazillion hyper kids running loose) and was excellent at offering drink refills and clearing the dirty dishes from our table in order to make room for the next trip to the buffet.  We never had to flag her down for anything.


Chef Mickey's Buffet-Style Dining

Chef Mickey’s Buffet-Style Dining


Chef Mickey’s Food Choices for Brunch

For me, this was the weak link in my Chef Mickey’s experience.  Don’t get me wrong, there was certainly no shortage of food.  And with unlimited trips to the buffet, you could eat till your heart’s content.  It was the food quality that was disappointing.  For Apollo’s very first birthday we took him to lunch at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, which is also a Disney Character buffet.  I really enjoyed the food there, and thought the quality was excellent.  I was expecting the same at Chef Mickey’s, but the food quality was a let down.  I concluded that the food is much better at Tusker House but the Disney Character interaction is superior at Chef Mickey’s.  Therefore, it boils down to what’s most important to your family… food quality or the Character experience.

Because we booked a brunch reservation we had both breakfast items and lunch selections on the buffet. I really appreciated the separate buffet bar with food choices made especially for children.  It included all of Apollo’s favorites — things like chicken nuggets, mac ‘n cheese, potato nuggets, and Mickey-shaped waffles.  I particularly liked the baked salmon, fresh carved baked ham (with choice of sauce), and seasonal kale salad.  Pretty much everything else I tried, I didn’t like — the spare ribs were overcooked and tough, the kielbasa was also tough, the smoked salmon way too salty for my taste buds (couldn’t eat more than two bites), lobster bisque was a big disappointment (ate a few spoonfuls just because I felt guilty leaving so much in my cup), and I should have passed on the chocolate chip pancakes I forced myself to eat. Hubby liked the cheesy potato casserole and said the peel-n-eat shrimp were okay.  But in the end, I would have to agree with Apollo… dessert was the best part of the meal (don’t tell his Mother, but he had two portions!).

As previously mentioned, return visits to the buffet are unlimited, so I suggest sampling a variety of foods in small portions then returning for the ones you liked best.  I also noticed there were some vegetarian-friendly foods as well as Gluten-free options.  Here’s the link to Chef Mickey’s brunch menu.

TIP: For tourists visiting Walt Disney World or Florida residents staying on Disney property I would recommend Chef Mickey’s for breakfast.  The breakfast foods on the buffet seemed to be better, and it is less expensive than brunch.  Also, it’s probably better time management to eat breakfast and then spend the day at the Disney parks, rather than have to leave the parks in the middle of the day for brunch.


Multiple Buffet Stations at Chef Mickey's Are Nicely Spaced for Better Traffic Control

Multiple Buffet Stations Are Nicely Spaced for Better Traffic Control


Apollo's Brunch Items from the Kids Buffet Station at Chef Mickey's

Apollo’s Brunch Items from the Kids Buffet Station


My Brunch Selections at Chef Mickey's

My Brunch at Chef Mickey’s


Dessert at Chef Mickey's - The Best Part of the Meal!

Dessert at Chef Mickey’s – The Best Part of the Meal!


The Disney Characters: The Main Attraction

As with all things Disney, the Characters are usually the main attraction.  And so it was at Chef Mickey’s! There were 5 different Characters the day we were there — Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy (Apollo’s favorite).  I was amazed at the effort put forth by the Characters to stop at every single table.  In addition, they allowed ample time for each family to take photos or short video clips.  You never have to be concerned about your child missing a visit from them.  Even if you’re at the buffet and think they’ve bypassed your table, don’t worry, they’ll come back around.  The Characters seemed to meander the restaurant in a strategic fashion and were excellent at making sure no child was missed. After all, isn’t that what we really paid for?

Whenever the Disney Characters were making the rounds, it was quite a lively scene, to say the least.  At Chef Mickey’s you don’t have to put a muzzle on your child’s mouth.  They can make as much noise as they want and it won’t be a distraction to other diners, because their kids are roaring with laughter and ear-splitting noisy as well.  One thing to keep in mind is that the Characters DO NOT talk.  Therefore, any “Happy Birthday” song requests must be made with the staff who will do the singing, and the Characters will break out with napkin swinging and dancing.  This seemed to happen about every 15-20 minutes. Some songs were not birthday related, but appeared rather impromptu.  These short bouts of sporadic interactive song-and-dance with the kids were awesome and certainly kept them occupied.  Of course, if you just want your little mouseketeers to eat, the dancing could become a distraction, for sure!

TIP: Bring your own camera or cell phone for photos in the restaurant.  The only Disney photographer available is the one for the family photo while you’re waiting to be seated.  There were NO photographers inside Chef Mickey’s.

TIP: Very small children may be terrified of the Disney Characters (as Apollo was during his 1st birthday at Tusker House).  For little kids they’re so much  bigger in real life than watching them on TV.  It may help to have them watch YouTube before going to the restaurant.  There are a multitude of video clips from Chef Mickey’s to choose from.


Disney Characters Visiting Tables at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort

Disney Characters Visiting Tables at Chef Mickey’s


The Icing on the Cake Cupcake!

For some people “the icing on the cake” is simply a metaphoric expression.  But at Chef Mickey’s it was so much more than that.  To our surprise, a yummy-looking “Birthday Cupcake” was delivered to Apollo by our server, Ms. Teresa.  (Remember, we had forgotten to request these additional birthday items!)  For the second time during our visit to Chef Mickey’s I was “wowed” by their keen sense of awareness of any special occasions being celebrated, like our Grandson’s birthday.  Even though Mimi messed up, the ‘Mouse’ seemed to work his Disney magic, and we all lived happily ever after.  Well, you get the idea, right? The only way Chef Mickey’s could go from good to great, was by making a BIG deal over Apollo’s 3rd birthday… and they surpassed our expectations in that regard.

Ms. Teresa brought the cupcake to Apollo, then proceeded to light the candle.  It didn’t matter that he didn’t like it (the icing was lemon flavored, somewhat tart for a toddler, I suppose).  Pappy enjoyed eating the cupcake along with the decorative chocolate Mickey-ears, while Apollo had a blast playing with the “candy confetti!”


Apollo's Surprise Birthday Cupcake at Chef Mickey's

Apollo’s Surprise Birthday Cupcake at Chef Mickey’s


Apollo's Birthday Cupcake at Chef Mickey's with Candy Confetti

Apollo’s Birthday Cupcake at Chef Mickey’s with Candy Confetti


In Conclusion…

While the food is not fantastic and the prices are pure Disney (fantastically high), to see the non-stop smile on Apollo’s face and hear his contagious giggling with frequent outbursts of laughter, was priceless!  That said, it was worth every penny AND a return visit!


"Hats Off" to Chef Mickey & Team for a Memorable 3rd Birthday for Apollo!

“Hats Off” to Chef Mickey & Team for a Memorable 3rd Birthday for Apollo!


A Few More Tips…

TIP: Because of the popularity of this Disney Character Dining experience, it books up quickly.  But even if the reservation system indicates it is totally booked, don’t give up.  I recommend checking several times a day (both online and by calling).  With Disney Dining there are always cancellations.  I made our reservations only a few days before we went!

TIP: If you’re driving to the Contemporary Resort to have brunch at Chef Mickey’s, please note that free valet parking is NOT included (as it is with some Disney restaurants).  We paid $25 to valet park and an additional $5 tip.  A bit pricey, and I wouldn’t do it again.  You have the option to self-park (a mile away), or here’s an idea… The Magic Kingdom is only a short (10 minute) walk to the Contemporary Resort if you’re coming from there.  Or, take the “Resort” Monorail from the Magic Kingdom which stops directly at the Contemporary!

TIP: Attention Annual Passholders… Don’t forget to ask for your 10% dining discount.  Our total bill for brunch for 2 adults and 1 child was $104 + tax and tip.  The $10 discount paid for half of the gratuity!


Have you been to Chef Mickey’s?  Please share your experience or helpful tips with our readers.  Or, perhaps you have a question about this Disney restaurant.  Simply reply in the comment box below!


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5 Florida Gardens with Rich Roots


Explore 5 Florida Botanical Gardens with Filthy Rich Roots!

Explore 5 Florida Botanical Gardens with Filthy Rich Roots!


Florida is synonymous with sunshine.  And one of the many benefits of living in the Sunshine State is the spectacular year-round beauty that our semi-tropical climate produces.  Something outstanding is blooming every month of the year.  It’s no surprise, then, that Florida is home to some of the most breathtaking botanical gardens in the United States.  Some are elegant and formal, others whimsical and amusing, still others aesthetically appealing with the addition of artistic elements and magnificent architectural components.  Each one has a uniqueness all its own.

But have you ever thought about who planted those botanical beauties?  Before they were drop-dead gorgeous gardens that delight you and I, they existed only in someone’s imagination.  It’s interesting, to me, that the visionaries behind all that awesomeness were filthy rich businessmen.  Yes, Florida’s most exquisite gardens have very, very rich roots!  Buried deep within our sandy soil lies DNA from some of the wealthiest families in American history.  I’ve chosen these 5 Florida Gardens with Rich Roots for you to add to your botanical bucket list.


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens — Miami Florida

When I say Miami, “Gardens” is not usually the first thing to pop into someone’s head.  Or the second, or third for that matter.  Miami is best known for points of interest like South Beach, Ocean Drive, Art Decor Tours, Little Havana, Lincoln Road Mall and Bayside.  But if you’ve been to this Southern Florida City and haven’t visited Vizcaya Museum and Gardens somewhere between your Cafe con Leche and Tostada Cubana, you’ve missed a botanical masterpiece!


Vizcaya’s Rich Roots

Vizcaya is a stunningly beautiful American Villa inspired by the palaces of Europe — a subtropical interpretation of an 18th-century Italian countryside villa.  It was built in the early 1900s as the winter home for northerner James Deering, a retired millionaire businessman, and one of America’s wealthiest families.  Mr. Deering was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, so his doctor recommended sunshine and a warm climate to lessen the effects of his affliction.  (Turns out his pain was our gain!)  As an avid sailor who owned three yachts, he also had quite a passion for landscaping and plant conservation.  All of these things combined to play a huge role in the location of his 180-acre winter estate.

Vizcaya’s old-world European-inspired gardens are among the most elaborate of any in the United States. The formal gardens of Florence, Venice, and Rome served as the inspiration for James Deering.  I absolutely love the use of sculptures, elaborate fountains, and other architectural structures strategically placed throughout the garden landscape.  There are statues, urns, busts, and vases reminiscent of the Renaissance, which I find remarkably romantic.  Apparently I’m not the only one that gets romantic vibes here, as Vizcaya Gardens is a popular wedding destination for multitudes of brides looking to create an enchanting fairy-tale backdrop for their special day.  There are tons of charming, picturesque spots to choose from.

The horticultural collections in Vizcaya’s Gardens are so extensive and diverse (it took almost eight years to create the Garden), they have to be catalogued in a plant database.  The Gardens include a subtropical forest, a mangrove forest, an exotic 2,000-specimen orchid collection, massive live oaks, Royal Palms imported from Cuba by boat, unusual plants such as Peach Palm and Giant Elephant Ear, and many endangered plants.  Some are so rare they only exist here and in one or two other places in the world!

Vizcaya still remains an outstanding garden oasis for the rich and famous.  It’s not unusual for Hollywood to come here for film shoots.  They’ve recognized what we Floridians have known all along: Vizcaya showcases the history of the Mediterranean, the glamour of the Jazz Age, and the heat of the tropics!  For hours, admission, calendar of events, and frequently asked questions, visit the Vizcaya website.


One of the Incredible "Secret" Alcoves at Vizcaya Gardens in Miami with Tropical Pink Hibiscus

One of the Incredible “Secret” Alcoves at Vizcaya Gardens in Miami


Vizcaya Museun and Gardens on Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on Biscayne Bay, Miami Florida


Bok Tower Gardens and Pinewood Estate — Lake Wales Florida

Tranquil and serene.  Bok Tower Gardens gets my vote for the most peaceful place in Central Florida.  It’s the ultimate great escape from Orlando’s thrilling [and sometimes over-crowded] tourist attractions.  Since it’s one of my favorite places, Hubby and I have an annual membership to the Gardens.  One of the great perk’s of membership is that we receive reciprocal benefits (including free admission) to many other spectacular gardens in Florida and around the country — places like Harry P. Leu Gardens and Museum in Orlando.  Bok Tower Gardens is a mere 30-minutes from my home, so we visit frequently.  There’s always something new blooming!

And with the recent addition of Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden, an educational and fun children’s learning area, I can introduce my toddler grandson to the beauty of “natural” Florida.  Part of the expansion project also included an Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen.  The Bok Tower Gardens special event calendar now includes various chef demonstrations and other culinary activities.  This area also hosts after-dark soirées perfect for intimate gatherings.  A favorite of visitors to Bok Tower Gardens is the infamous 205-foot-tall Singing Tower which houses one of the world’s finest carillons.  Concerts occur twice daily, with additional live performances during peak periods.


Pinewood Estate’s Rich Roots

Pinewood Estate is a 20-room Mediterranean-style mansion from the 1930s.  The Estate is open for self-guided tours throughout the year, with docents on hand to answer questions.  The holidays are my favorite time to tour the mansion which features one of the best Christmas Home Tours in all of Florida. Each year, the local Garden Club creates a holiday “theme” and decorates each room of the mansion accordingly — truly spectacular!  Charles Austin Buck, a Bethlehem Steel vice president was the original owner of this elaborate residence.  And, like so many other historical homes in Florida,  this was only a winter retreat.  Can you imagine having a 20-room mansion that you occupied a mere 6-weeks out of the year?  Mr. Buck was so wealthy that he brought 7 – 9 servants from his home in Pennsylvania with him each winter.  He hired a manager to live in the house and take care of it the rest of the time.

For a glimpse of Pinewood Estates at Christmastime, read my article about Bok Tower Gardens during December.

TIP: Wear comfortable shoes… it’s easy to spend an entire day at this National Historic Landmark!


Beautiful Winter Blooms at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

Beautiful Winter Blooms at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales Florida


Bok Tower Gardens - National Register of Historic Places

Bok Tower Gardens – National Register of Historic Places


Pinewood Estate - Former Winter Home of Charles Austin Buck

Pinewood Estate – Former Winter Home of Charles Austin Buck



Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens — Winter Park Florida

The Albin Polasek Sculpture Garden is located just a short drive from Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, in beautiful Winter Park, Florida.  I’ve always loved everything about Winter Park — the architecture, casually elegant restaurants, shopping on Park Avenue, the yummy Winter Park food tours, museums, art festivals, and relaxing Central Park with its inspirational Peacock Fountain.  But of all my visits to this wonderful place, only recently did I discover the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens. Hubby and I spent several hours here, and had we packed a lunch we could have lingered longer.

Mr. Polasek was a world-renowned Czech sculptor.  In 1950 he retired to Winter Park, at the age of 70. Prior to that, he headed the Depart­ment of Sculp­ture at the Art Insti­tute of Chicago for nearly three decades.  The Polasek Museum is the actual home and art studio where Albin Polasek lived and worked. Many original paintings, drawings and small clay sculptures are on display here.  While touring the Museum, I learned about the history of this incredibly talented man.  But no amount of reading could have prepared me for what I was about to see in the Polasek Sculpture Gardens located on the property behind the Museum, right along the edge of scenic and serene Lake Osceola.

My goodness, these sculptures are absolutely amazing!  When intermingled with many native Florida and subtropical garden species, it becomes a botanical utopia; simply perfect!  I was blown away by both the created and natural beauty represented in this three-acre Garden.  Not withholding the fact that some of Albin Polasek’s greatest artistic achievements came as a severely disabled person.  Wow… if only these sculptures could speak!  (You may be interested in a more comprehensive article on the life and legacy of Albin Polasek here.)  This is truly a “not to miss” attraction if you appreciate outstanding outdoor gardens and are ever in the Central Florida area.


Winter Park’s Rich Roots

The entire town of Winter Park was founded by wealthy Northern industrialists as a winter getaway. This classy place might be geographically close to Disney and other Central Florida tourist attractions, but it’s a world apart in almost every sense.  Its got style and substance!  Winter Park has never lost its late-19th-century charm — brick-paved streets, stately turn-of-the-last century historic homes, 200-year-old live oaks with Spanish moss, and meandering canals once used for logging.  And because money begets money, Winter Park still attracts multimillionaires today.  Don’t be surprised if you rub elbows with a member of the Orlando Magic or see a movie star at a Park Avenue sidewalk cafe…



Two Popular Sculptures on Display at Albin Polasek Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park Florida

Albin Polasek Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park Florida


Pilgrim at the Eternal Gate Sculpture by Albin Polasek

Pilgrim at the Eternal Gate Sculpture by Albin Polasek


Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park Florida

Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens


Edison & Ford Winter Estates and Botanical Garden — Fort Myers Florida

Did you know Thomas Edison (the innovative inventor) and Henry Ford (the Ford Motors car mogul) were very good friends?  Yes, indeed.  Such great friends that they purchased adjoining properties in southwest Florida in the early 1900s as their winter estates.  The 21-acre estate features the former homes of the two men, a research laboratory, museum, and botanical gardens.

It’s a lovely waterfront location right alongside the Caloosahatchee River in Ft. Myers.  Here, you’ll get a taste of what tropical, “old-Florida” used to be like.  Whether you choose the guided or self-guided tour, you’ll receive so much historical information you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.  In the Gardens, it’s hard to believe that a few of the original trees planted during Edison’s time are still standing. Hint: check out that famous banyan tree!  Good golly miss molly, wait till you see the size of that thing.  I won’t give away all the fascinating facts, but you practically need a wide-angle lens to capture the whole thing.  Additionally, there are 1700 plants representing 400 species from six continents on display.  Hard to find a more diverse horticultural collection anywhere!  To get a heads-up of what’s blooming in any given month, check out the Edison Ford Gardens “what’s blooming” page on their website.


Edison & Ford Winter Estates’ Rich Roots

Of course we’re talking about Henry Ford and Thomas Edison here.  This popular Florida attraction represents some serious wealth.  The net worth of these two men individually is massive, with a capital “M!”  When combined, it’s mind-boggling.  By the mid-1920s, Henry Ford’s net worth was estimated around $1.2 billion.  That’s billion, with a “b!”  At age 57 he was worth $188 billion, making him one of the 10 richest people of all time!  When Thomas Edison was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 1928 Congress valued his work at nearly $15.6 billion.  Imagine the good times they had together on that property in Fort Myers that you and I get to visit…


Largest Banyan Tree in the Continental U. S. at Edison & Ford Winter Estate

Largest Banyan Tree in the Continental U. S. at Edison & Ford Winter Estate


Gorgeous Bamboo at the Edison Ford Winter Estate in Ft Myers Florida

Gorgeous Bamboo at the Edison Ford Winter Estate in Ft Myers Florida


Botanical Beauty at Edison Ford Winter Estate

Botanical Beauty at Edison Ford Winter Estate


Harry P. Leu Gardens and Museum — Orlando Florida

Leu Gardens is vintage Florida at its best!  It’s easy to imagine Florida the way it used to be while strolling this massive Garden comprising nearly 50 acres.  It’s nicely divided into 14 distinctly different areas (you’ll need a map).  A few of them are formal, like the Rose Garden, but most sections appear more “natural.” While meandering through the landscape that contained the Palms, Cycads & Bamboo, I envisioned old-Florida — the way the Sunshine State looked pre-Disney.  I was waiting for a gator to emerge at any moment from the dense subtropical terrain.  Stand still long enough on Lake Rowena Overlook and in your minds-eye you’ll see the logging of humongous cypress trees that were transported via steamboat through Florida’s chain of lakes and canals.

Yes, old-Florida is becoming extinct.  Vanishing.  Endangered as our beloved manatees.  But there are remnants, if you know where to look.  Thank goodness Harry P. Leu Gardens is doing their part to preserve Florida’s cultural identity, for many generations to come, I hope.  You’ll notice Leu Gardens has a personality all her own; it’s old Florida today!

Make sure you save time to tour the Leu House Museum; it’s included in the entry fee.  A restored 19th century Victorian-style home, it’s one of the oldest buildings in Central Florida.  Some of the architectural details include a tin roof and pine floors.  Before it opened to the public in 1961, four different families resided there.  The stories told by our docent about these wealthy owners were captivating.  If you want a sense of what turn-of-the-century Florida living was like for affluent landowners, take this guided tour!


Harry P. Leu House’s Rich Roots

From a cotton farmer (1st owner) to an actress (2nd owner) to a steel manufacturer (third owner) to the Leu Family (4th and final owner), this house-turned-Museum has had quite a rich history.  The most intriguing of the occupants was Duncan Pell, a prominent New York businessman who divorced his first wife in order to marry actress Helen Gardner.  Ms. Gardner went on to create her own film company (a first for a woman) and became very well known throughout Orlando.  Joseph and Martha Woodward were the 3rd owners; wealthy industrialists who only used the home as a winter residence.  Mr. Leu, the last resident, owned a very successful industrial supply company.  He and his wife traveled the world and brought back seeds and plants for their gorgeous gardens.


Lake Rowena Overlook at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando

Lake Rowena Overlook at Harry P. Leu Gardens


The Formal Rose Garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens

The Formal Rose Garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens


Tropical Plants at Harry P. Leu Gardens

Tropical Plants at Harry P. Leu Gardens


Harry P. Leu Gardens - National Register of Historic Places

Harry P. Leu Gardens – National Register of Historic Places


Have you been to any of the 5 Florida Gardens with Rich Roots?  Or perhaps you know of another garden here in the Sunshine State with roots back to the rich and famous.  Please share with our readers via the comment box below!


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Sanibel Island Things To Do and Recommended Day Trips


Sensational Sanibel Island Beach

Sensational Sanibel Island Beach


Sensational Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a premier destination in Southwest Florida.  Only 14 miles from Ft. Myers, it sits off the coast in the blue/green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  This tiny little island oasis has gained quite a reputation for itself.  Experts in the travel industry have been bragging on sensational Sanibel Island for decades!  Authorities within the travel industry say Sanibel is an extraordinary travel experience.  But what makes Sanibel so special, and so different from any other island in the Sunshine State?

Well, Travel & Leisure says it’s one of the 10 Best Shelling Beaches in the United States!  And USAToday ranked the seashells of Sanibel in the Top 10 Attractions in Florida!  So then… seashells and Sanibel are synonymous!  But what if beach-combing isn’t your thing?  If shell collecting isn’t on your tropical vacation to-do list, is Sanibel still worth a trip?  The answer is unequivocally, yes!  I’ve put together a list of my favorite things to do every time I visit (in no particular order).  You’re welcome to add your favorites as well.  Simply reply in the comment box at the end of this article.


Sea oats on Sanibel Island with the blue/green waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the background

Sea Oats on Sanibel as Seen from Our Villa


  • BOOK A WATERFRONT PROPERTY: The beaches of Sanibel are so relaxing.  Even in the busy season they’re not crowded.  Do yourself a favor and book waterfront accommodations.  The few extra dollars a night will more than pay for itself with a million-dollar view.  Don’t be surprised if you decide to do nothing at all during your stay, except to immerse your senses in the simplistic serenity of nature.  Put your cell phone on mute, kick up your bare feet on that lanai lounger, grab a spoon and enjoy a pint of Queenie’s ice cream (no sharing allowed) — homemade, right across the Pine Island Sound in Ft. Myers. Cinnamon is the bomb!  We like to stay at Tortuga Beach Club, a Vacation Ownership property managed by Hilton.  Even if you’re not a timeshare owner, rentals are available.  It’s only a few steps to the sandy beach via a small boardwalk.  It truly felt as if we were vacationing in the Caribbean.  Here’s the view from our balcony…


Beach View from Our Villa at Tortuga Beach Club

Beach View from Our Villa at Tortuga Beach Club


Breakfast on the Balcony at Tortuga Beach Club - Fruit, Danish & Fresh Flowers!

Breakfast on the Balcony at Tortuga Beach Club – Fruit, Danish & Fresh Flowers!


Queenie's Cinnamon Ice Cream - An Afternoon Delight!

Queenie’s Cinnamon Ice Cream – An Afternoon Delight!


Tortuga Beach Club Villas

Tortuga Beach Club Villas


  • VISIT JERRY’S FOODS: We started a tradition while on Sanibel.  The first thing we do right after check-in and unpacking is make our customary run to Jerry’s Foods.  It’s a combination grocery store/restaurant right on the island, at 1700 Periwinkle Way.  It has the coolest entrance to a grocery store that I’ve ever seen.  It feels like you’re walking through the jungle to get there.  Strategically placed throughout the dense tropical palms and foliage are colorful parrots and birds.  As you stroll the peaceful pathways, stop and say hello… they do talk… but only when my video is turned off!  How do they know that?  These gorgeous guys and gals will have you in a relaxed state of mind in no time.  When Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” starts running through your head, “island time” has officially found you!  Jerry’s isn’t cheap, so we don’t do a large grocery order here, but their pastries and breads are excellent for breakfast on the balcony, and this is where I get my Queenie’s!  Also, for a casual lunch or dinner, you’ll never go wrong with Jerry’s Restaurant.  The daily specials are always a good value.  We’ve had fish tacos, grouper fingers, oriental chicken salad, prime rib, and that coconut pie… oh my!   Everything we’ve tried has been excellent!


Tropical Birds at Jerry's Foods on Sanibel Island

Tropical Birds at Jerry’s Foods on Sanibel Island


Peaceful Pathway through Tropical Foliage at Jerry's Foods

Peaceful Pathway through Tropical Foliage at Jerry’s Foods


Lunch at Jerry's Foods - grouper fingers, oriental chicken salad, fish tacos

Lunch at Jerry’s Foods Restaurant on Sanibel Island


Yummy Pastries at Jerry's Foods on Sanibel Island

Yummy Pastries at Jerry’s Foods!


  • TOUR BAILEY MATTHEWS NATIONAL SHELL MUSEUM: You don’t have to be a shell-lover or collector to appreciate this place.  There’s no other museum like it in the United States.  It’s the only museum devoted entirely to shells and the mollusks that create them.  There’s over 30 permanent displays and some temporary ones that often change.  The Museum is home to at least 4 different world-record-sized shells.  (Wait till you see the size of those things!)  But, Bailey-Mattthews is far more than just colorful shells, it’s incredibly educational.  The Marine Biologists that research and study here are internationally known as the foremost authorities in their field.  Take advantage of the interesting and interactive “Tank Talk” lectures; and in the Arts & Crafts Room you can make a shell souvenir to take home (far more memorable than anything you could purchase in a tacky shell-shop!).  Both things are free with a paid admission.  FloridaFunAndFork did an in-depth article and photo tour of Bailey Matthews Shell Museum here.


Exotic & Rare Shells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Exotic & Rare Shells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


A miniature elephant made from seashells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

EL, the Seashell Elephant Made at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum



  • HISTORICAL SANIBEL LIGHTHOUSE: The Sanibel Lighthouse (originally called Point Ybel Light) is worth a visit for anyone who loves historical points of interest.  It’s located on the eastern end of the 12-mile long island and was one of the first lighthouses on Florida’s Gulf coast; first lit in August 1884.  The Sanibel Lighthouse is currently maintained by the Florida Coast Guard.  Although the lighthouse is not open to visitors, you can walk the surrounding property that includes the keeper’s quarters.  There’s also a fishing pier and public beach access.  Have your camera or cell phone nearby, it’s a great area for photography!


Sanibel Island Lighthouse (formerly Point Ybel Light)

Historical Sanibel Island Lighthouse


Public Beach Access on Sanibel's East End Near the Lighthouse

Public Beach Access on Sanibel’s East End Near the Lighthouse



Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island's East End

Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island’s East End


  • J. N. “DING” DARLING NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE: With an address like “One Wildlife Drive” you know you’ve gone somewhat off-the-beaten-path.  The Refuge is named for the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Jay Norwood Darling.  Many are familiar with his cartooning in the New York Herald Tribune, but few people realize Mr. Darling was a passionate environmentalist.  In fact, he was a pioneer in the conservation movement, and an advocate for wildlife management.  At The Education Center you’ll learn his story and the connection he had with President Franklin Roosevelt and ultimately Sanibel Island.  The “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge is quite large; 6,300 acres.  It’s accessible via car, interpretative tram tours, biking, walking trails, or by canoe.  We chose the 4-mile scenic drive but also walked a few of the shorter trails.  I’ve seen stunning photography of various birds, reptiles, and mammals spotted at the Refuge, but unfortunately we didn’t see too many.  Know before you go: Timing is everything!  Birds typically feed during low tide, so that’s the ideal time to be there.  We visited in the afternoon, in the heat of the day, when movement is minimal.  Next time, I’ll tour the sanctuary according to the tide tables.


J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge Entrance on Sanibel Island

J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge Entrance


Observation Tower at J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Observation Tower at J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge


Photo collage from J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island

J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island


  • CHAPEL BY THE SEA: Just north of Sanibel, via a small bridge, is a tiny sliver of land called Captiva Island.  I love the scenic drive to Sanibel’s sister island.  As you’re driving perfectly parallel to the sea and sand you’ll be amazed at the colorful bougainvilleas, giant cactus, and other tropical flora.  Chapel by the Sea was originally built as a schoolhouse in 1901.  On Sundays it would double as a church. Nowadays, it’s an interdenominational church that holds services seasonally, November through April. When you see the setting of this seaside sanctuary you’ll know why it’s also a popular wedding spot. Take a walk through the very old cemetery right next door to the church, many of Captiva’s original 19th century settlers are buried there.  TIP: Time your visit to Captiva so you can have dinner while watching the setting sun!


Chapel by the Sea on Captiva Island - Open seasonally

Chapel by the Sea on Captiva Island


Chapel by the Sea & Historic Cemetery on Captiva Island

Chapel by the Sea & Historic Cemetery on Captiva Island


  • PLAN A DAY TRIP TO MATLACHA: OMG… I smile just thinking about this place.  We discovered Matlacha (pronounced MAT-la-shay) on our way to a romantic anniversary lunch at the historical Tarpon Lodge Restaurant, a 4-Star waterfront restaurant on Pine Island.  Matlacha is a teeny-tiny little town the size of my walk-in closet (well, at 99 acres, that’s almost true!) that you have to drive through to get to Bokeelia, our restaurant destination.  Turns out, this pee-wee sized place with a population around 735 is a bright, funky artist enclave — it’s so colorful you’ll be tempted to wear your Ray Ban’s at night! The color is what captured my attention, but the incredible talent is what really impressed me. Matlacha is home to a multitude of authors, musicians, and artists.  (You know… birds of a feather…)  You’ll definitely want to check out Matlacha’s Art Galleries, amongst the most eclectic I have seen!


Lunch at Tarpon Lodge, Bokeelia, Pine Island Florida

Lunch at Tarpon Lodge, Bokeelia, Pine Island Florida


Bright Colored Pink Bicycle on the Beach - Pine Island, Florida

Bicycle on the Beach – Pine Island, Florida


Matlacha Florida - Leoma Lovegrove Art Gallery

Matlacha Florida – Leoma Lovegrove Art Gallery


Colorful Matlacha Florida - A Tiny Artist Enclave on Pine Island

Matlacha Florida – A Tiny Artist Enclave


  • MURDER MYSTERY DINNER TRAIN, FT. MYERS: Another outstanding day trip is to one of the best attractions in all of Florida.  A short 40-minute drive will have you in Ft. Myers, — a popular Southwest Florida destination.  Here’s an itinerary idea: Tour the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Have Lunch at The Veranda (one of my favorite upscale restaurants in Florida!), Stroll the Fort Myers Newly Expanded River District, then experience Dinner and A Show on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train. (Perhaps you’ll be like my sleuth friend, Ron, who received an award for correctly solving the “who done it” mystery!)  It’s a full schedule, but you can chill at your beach-front Sanibel villa the next day! Fort Myers is a day trip you’ll be talking about for a long time after you return home, I promise!


Anniversary Dinner at The Upscale Veranda Restaurant in Ft Myers, Florida

Anniversary Dinner at The Veranda – Ft Myers, Florida


Murder Mystery Dinner Train Attraction in Ft Myers, Florida

Murder Mystery Dinner Train in Ft Myers, Florida


Historic Edison & Ford Winter Estate and Gardens in Ft Myers Florida

Historic Edison & Ford Winter Estate in Ft Myers Florida


Largest Banyan Tree in the Continental U. S. at Edison & Ford Winter Estate

Largest Banyan Tree in the Continental U. S. at Edison & Ford Winter Estate


  • BIRD WATCHING ON THE BEACH: If you’re not into shelling, no problem.  There’s another popular pastime on the beaches of Sanibel.  Here’s how it works: Perfectly position your beach chair at one of the birding hotspots and spend a lazy afternoon doing a little bird watching.  Simple as that!  Simple, but oh so satisfying to the soul!


Beach Chairs for Bird Watching on Sanibel Island

Beach Chairs for Bird Watching on Sanibel Island


Bird Watching on the Gulf of Mexico Shoreline on Sanibel Island

Bird Watching on the Gulf of Mexico Shoreline on Sanibel Island


  • THE SANIBEL STOOP: Okay… I must confess.  After a few days of watching everyone else doing it, I decided to try it myself.  The Sanibel Stoop, that is.  It’s difficult watching the sense of satisfaction and jubilation people get when finding one of those “prized” shells, and not being a participant.  After all, it’s kinda like the “official” pastime of Sanibel.  And, you know what they say… when in Sanibel, do as the Islanders do!  But I have to warn you, the Sanibel Stoop can become seriously addicting, with spontaneous bouts of stooping over with little or no warning.  Don’t fight it.  There’s some spectacular spoils waiting to be discovered on the sparkling shores of sensational Sanibel!


Doing The Sanibel Stoop

The Sanibel Stoop



The Sanibel Stoop Sets A Guinness World Record!

In March 2012, over 800 hovering hineys of Sanibel broke the world record for “largest treasure hunt game!”

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Have you been to Sanibel Island?  Would love for you to add some interesting “Things To Do” to our list!  Simply reply in the comment box below!

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Bailey Matthews Shell Museum Sanibel Island – In Photos


Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum Exterior of Building

Bailey Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island


Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel Island

There’s no other museum in the entire United States quite like the Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum.  It’s the only museum stateside that is entirely devoted to shells and the mollusks that create them; that’s what makes it so unique.  It’s located on Sanibel Island, a small island off the Southwest coast of Florida (14 miles west of Ft. Myers) in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sanibel Island’s claim to fame is its beaches.  USAToday ranks the Seashells of Sanibel as the 7th of Florida’s Best Attractions overall (right on the heels of Disney’s Magic Kingdom, so you know Sanibel is pretty spectacular!).  It consistently ranks at the top of Travel & Leisure’s 10 Best U.S. Shelling Beaches.  And, internationally, it’s known as one of the best shelling beaches anywhere.  So what better place to have a shell museum than right in the middle of the shelling capital of the world!

The Museum was conceived in 1984 and opened its doors to the public in 1995 — a dream-come-true for many Sanibel shell enthusiasts.  Since its inception it has operated as a reference center for students and scientists, both nationally and abroad.  During my last visit some researchers from out of the country were working upstairs (not accessible to patrons) to assist with curating and organizing part of the Museum’s vast mollusk collection.  It’s been an ongoing effort for many years.

Bailey Matthews Shell Museum has become the premier destination for anyone interested in terrestrial, marine, or land mollusks of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.  Lecture Series are commonplace and given by leading specialists in malacology (the branch of zoology that deals with mollusks) and natural history. Shell aficionados young and old have benefited from the Museum’s findings — shell clubs, community groups, public schools, home-schooled children, churches, and retirement homes.  In fact, an official collaboration with Lee County schools was started in 1997.

The Bailey Matthews Shell Museum was named in honor of the family who donated the 8 acres of land where it was erected, and operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Marine biologist José H. Leal, Ph.D., serves as Curator and Scientific Director of Education.


Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum Exterior with Raymond Burr Memorial

Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum Exterior


Sanibel Island is World Renowned for its Shelling Beaches

Many of the shells that end up in Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum are found on Sanibel Island, Captiva Island right next door, or neighboring barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll notice that the sand on this Sanibel Island beach is covered with seashells!  I have never seen such a high concentration of shells as what I experienced on the beaches of Sanibel.  As a Florida resident I’m accustomed to walking barefoot on our beautiful sandy shores.  But… not here! It’s a dangerous thing because of the multitude of shells.  I overheard a lady in a Sanibel Island gift shop tell her friend that she cut her foot very badly on some shells, even with sandals on.  For her, it required an emergency trip to the hospital; not the way to spend a vacation in paradise!

TIP:  Always wear protective beach shoes while on Sanibel Island’s shell-strewn beaches.  Although the pastel-colored shells are stunning to look at and exciting to collect, they’re likely to cause injury if proper footwear is not worn.     


A Sanibel Island Beach Covered with Sea Shells

Sanibel Island is World Renowned for its Shelling Beaches!


Millions of Sanibel Island Shells on the Beach

Sanibel Island Florida – Shelling Capital of the World!


Southwest Florida Shell Guide: A Work in Progress!

I had a blast searching for and collecting shells on Sanibel Island.  The locals are awesome; always eager to help a bone fide novice like me learn the secrets to successful shelling.

  • Rule #1: Learn the “Sanibel Stoop!”  Scouring the beach with a bent-over posture will yield better results.
  • Rule #2: Buy a shovel!  The plastic kiddie-kind will do just fine.  Prized shells are like most other valuable treasures — found just below the earth’s surface with a little digging.

There were so many unusual ones, very different from what I find on beaches elsewhere in Florida.  Since I’m not a serious shell collector, and I’m far from being an expert at seashell identification, I needed a lot of help distinguishing one from another.  The Bailey Matthews Shell Museum was the perfect place to assist.  José H. Leal created the Southwest Florida Shell Guide.  It depicts hundreds of shells, but has an emphasis on those collected on Sanibel and Captiva Islands.  It currently has 349 species listed but is continually being expanded and updated.  Various information is given for each type, along with a photo for easier identification.  But here’s the best news of all… you don’t have to travel to Sanibel Island or the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum to gain access to this information.  It’s available to anyone via the Museum’s website.  Simply click this link to open the Southwest Florida Shell Guide.


A lady doing the Sanibel Island Stoop at water's edge!

The Sanibel Island Stoop


The Sanibel Stoop with Shovel in Hand

The Sanibel Stoop with Shovel – Demonstrated By My Good Friends!



Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum: Hours and Daily Programs

Unlike many Sanibel Island businesses, the Museum doesn’t keep seasonal hours.  That means no matter what day, week, or month you visit it will be open.  (Our last trip to the Island was in September, and we were disappointed to find out many of the local businesses close during that month!)  The Museum is closed only one day each year; Thanksgiving.  Otherwise, you can visit daily from 10 – 5 (with abbreviated hours on major holidays).  Adult admission is $15, with reduced prices for children and youth.  Children under 5 and active military are FREE.  Parking is included, and daily programs are FREE with paid admission.

How long should you plan on being at the Museum?  Well, I’ve been to Bailey Matthews Shell Museum twice, both times spending several hours looking at awesome displays, watching informational videos, and participating in the daily programs.  But even if you bypass the extra programs, I’d recommend a minimum of 1 1/2 hours.  The events are ever-changing, so it’s best to check the daily schedule on the arrival board in the main lobby.

We attended a Live Tank Talk that was presented by a marine biologist.  What a great way to gain insights into the fascinating world of mollusks!  It was both fun and informative.  Our speaker allowed ample time to answer all questions and we got to handle some of the subject matter.  There’s no better way to learn than “hands-on!”  There was also an hour-long Arts & Crafts session that my “crafty” friends took advantage of.  Hubby and I were sorry we didn’t join them after seeing their shell masterpieces.  My friend Ron made a cat, and his wife, Donna, made the most adorable seashell elephant.  Her miniature version of this otherwise large pachyderm was amazingly adorable.  I affectionately call him “EL, the seashell elephant!”


Live Tank Talk at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island Florida

Live Tank Talk at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


Arts & Crafts Room at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum is Optional

Arts & Crafts Room at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


Cat Made from Seashells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Seashell Cat Made at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


A miniature elephant made from seashells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

EL, the Seashell Elephant Made at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


Permanent and Temporary Exhibits at the Shell Museum

The Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel Island offers more than 30 permanent exhibits, along with some that are on display for a limited amount of time.  I remember prior to my first visit having this thought, “How can you build an entire museum out of a few sea shells?”  Oh my goodness, I was so narrow-minded!  I had the opportunity to see and learn about shells that I never even knew existed. Gorgeous shells, scary-looking shells, humongous shells, itty-bitty shells… and every kind in between.   Not to mention that Bailey-Matthews houses some of the largest record-holding shells in the world.  In fact, they have the largest known Goliath conch, Atlantic trumpet triton, horse conch, and lightning whelk. These things were massive!  Take a look at some of my favorites…


Bright colorful shells on display at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Colorful Shells on Display at Bailey Matthews


An Angel Wing Clam Shell Found on Sanibel Island (Cyrtopleura Costata)

An Angel Wing Clam Shell Found on Sanibel Island (Cyrtopleura Costata)


A trio of rare and unique shells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Rare & Unique Shells at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


Beautiful pastel-colored shells on display at the museum

Beautiful Pastel-colored Shells at the Museum


World-record sized shells at Bailey-Matthews!

World-Record Sized Shells at Bailey-Matthews!


Scorpio Conch at Bailey-Matthews (Lambis scorpius)

Scorpio Conch at Bailey-Matthews


Colorful Pacific Thorny Oyster at Bailey-Matthews

Pacific Thorny Oyster at Bailey-Matthews


Large White Shell Displayed at Bailey-Matthews

Large White Shell Displayed at Bailey-Matthews


Noble Scallop Shell - Nature's Beautiful Colors

Noble Scallop Shell – Nature’s Beautiful Colors


The Role of Shells in History

Shells are not just beautiful and interesting to look at, but for centuries they’ve played an important role in culture, art, design, and medicine.  For example… do you know what the oldest currency in the world is? Prior to visiting the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum, I didn’t know either.  It’s shells!  Apparently even before coins were made of silver and gold and precious gemstones, the ancient monetary system was shells. In one of the exhibits at the Museum you’ll learn why shells were used as money.


“The money cowrie (Erosaria moneta) is the most widely circulated and longest enduring currency in history!”

~ The Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum Quote


The history behind shells used as money

Shells – The Oldest Money in the World!


On a more romantic note, shells were also used as Valentines!  Back in the early 19th century, shells were used as a popular art form developed by women in the Caribbean Islands.  Oftentimes, sailors would create extravagant shell artwork and bring them home to their loved ones as the ultimate Valentine.


A Valentine Made Entirely from Shells

A Valentine Made Entirely from Shells


Additionally, shells were used to make some very practical things like buttons and bows.  And fashion diva’s “back in the day” didn’t have Gucci, Coach, or any other designer-named purse so guess what they used?  Yep, shells!  And check out the intricacy (photo below) of the “flower” arrangement.  It’s made entirely of shells, all with their natural color — every petal delicately and strategically placed.  Among other things, there are 7 stems of lilac flowers made from 3,500 purple coquinas, all hand-collected on Sanibel Island.  It took the artist and his wife 200 hours to complete this stunning piece.


Mussel shells with drilled holes used for buttons

Mussel Shells Used for Making Buttons



A Purse Made from Shells

A Purse Made from Shells


Flower Arrangement Made Entirely from Shells

Flower Arrangement Made Entirely from Shells


Calusa: Florida’s Original Shell People

The exhibit depicting the Calusa Indians was fascinating.  The Museum uses life-size models that look amazingly real.  The Calusa were the original inhabitants of Southwest Florida (long before the first Spanish explorers) and made many of life’s necessities from shells; hence, the nickname “Florida’s original shell people.”  Through the artifacts on display we know they used shells for things like tools, weapons, utensils, jewelry, and shell spears were made for fishing and hunting.  More information on this “people group” can be found on Wikipedia’s Calusa Indian page.


Calusa Indian Display at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Calusa Indian Display at Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


Exotic Shells from Around the World

Upon entering the Museum the focal point of the Great Hall is a display featuring exotic shells from around the world.  You can’t miss it!  It includes shell species from the Japanese Province, Indo-West Pacific and other distant locales typically only accessible with a passport.  It’s an inexpensive way to do some island hopping, and, if you get tired the room has a few comfy benches.


The Great Hall Inside Bailey Matthews Shell Museum Displays Exotic Shells from Around the World

The Great Hall Inside Bailey Matthews Shell Museum


The Prized Junonia

I’ve saved the best for last!  The Scaphella junonia is the grand prize for shell collectors on Sanibel and its surrounding islands.  It truly is the pride of Sanibel Island.  The treasured junonia is such a special find because it rarely washes ashore.  It’s a deep-water marine mollusk that lives off the coast, in the Gulf of Mexico.  Here’s how the official Chamber of Commerce website for Sanibel and Captiva Islands describes it:


“The islands’ most coveted seashell, it belongs to the volute family.  Its milky chamber is covered with brown spots on the outside, and the animal that occupies the shell is likewise marked.  Shellers who find a junonia on Sanibel or Captiva get their pictures in the local newspaper!”

~ Quote by Chamber of Commerce for Sanibel and Captiva

Yes… a junonia find is so rare that you practically become a celebrity by the locals if you scoop one up — right down to getting photographed for the local newspaper!   HINT: the best time to find one is right after a major storm, when all kinds of marine life comes ashore.


A Rare Find - The Scaphella Junonia!

A Rare Find – The Scaphella Junonia!



In Conclusion…

The Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum is a great experience for the whole family.  They have incredibly useful information for shellers of all types, from amateur to professional.  In addition to viewing shells you won’t see anywhere else, their resources are second to none.  And, even if you’re not an avid sheller, you’ll leave with a new appreciation for shells and the little creatures that inhabit them.  It’s no wonder people come from all over the world to visit Bailey-Matthews!  I highly recommend this experience.



Yearly Memberships for Bailey Matthews National Shell Museum are available for as little as $50 for 2 people?

Purchase online before you go!



NAME: Beach Walk — LOCATION: Island Inn Beach

TIME: 9:00 AM Daily — DURATION: 60 Minutes — COST: $10 (Adult)

MEETING ADDRESS: 3111 West Gulf Drive, Sanibel — Purchase tickets online

Led by a Marine Biologist, you’ll learn about the shells, mollusks, and other marine life that has washed ashore!


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Bok Tower Gardens National Historic Landmark – Photo Tour


Bok Gardens is lush with beautiful blooms, even in February

Bok Gardens ~ Year-Round Beauty!


Bok Tower and Gardens ~ National Register of Historic Places

Bok Tower Gardens is a 50-acre garden located in Lake Wales, Florida.  It’s perfectly positioned on Iron Mountain within the Lake Wales Ridge, one of the highest elevations in peninsular Florida.  Rising 295 feet above sea level, for me it’s the most peaceful place in all of Central Florida.  As a Florida resident looking to take a break from the craziness of Orlando’s theme parks and myriad of other touristy places, Bok Tower Gardens provides a place of solitude, and seemingly shelters me from the over-crowded venues synonymous with the Sunshine State.  Even when the parking lot is full, I feel like I’m all alone; just me nestled amongst nature’s finest.

Bok Tower Gardens has been inspiring locals and visitors for the past 88 years!  It was established almost 9 decades ago by Edward W. Bok as a gift to the American people.  Mr. Bok spared no expense in creating this garden oasis, hiring famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. as the designer.  After 5+ years in construction, Bok Gardens was dedicated on February 1, 1929, by President Calvin Coolidge.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1993.  The history of Bok Tower Gardens is truly fascinating!



Edward W. Bok was the editor of the women’s magazine Ladies Home Journal!

National Register of Historic Places Plaque is Displayed on Garden Post

National Register of Historic Places


Entrance to Bok Tower Gardens with Beautiful Potted Plants

Entrance to Bok Tower Gardens


Bok Tower Gardens ~ 7 Distinct Areas

Bok Tower Gardens consists of 7 distinct focal points:

  • Olmsted Landscape Gardens
  • Wild Garden
  • Singing Tower
  • Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden
  • Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen
  • Pine Ridge Nature Preserve
  • Pinewood Estate & Gardens

Each one is unique and provides for leisurely strolls, enlightening moments, or engaging activities.  There are a multitude of meandering paths and strategically placed benches perfect for reading, journaling, reflecting, meditation, or praying.  The informal woodland setting is also a haven for bird-watchers, butterfly fanatics, nature lovers, and photographers.  Keep your camera handy — in addition to songbirds, wildlife may include turkeys, raptors, lizards, or the rare gopher tortoise listed as “threatened” and thereby protected under Florida State law.

If you plan on thoroughly investigating all 7 areas in one day, it’s a good idea to arrive when they open at 8 a.m.  Pack a picnic lunch or stop by the Blue Palmetto Cafe, their on-site spot for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  (You have got to try the Beer-batterd French Fries!  They were even better than my beloved Sweet Potato Fries.)  Here’s a peek at the Blue Palmetto Cafe menu and prices.

Begin your visit at the Visitor’s Center & Museum with a brief orientation film.  Here, you can also learn about the history of the Gardens and view changing art exhibits.  Be sure to pick up a brochure with photos of some of the plants that will be blooming during your visit; these change on a monthly basis. Additionally, there is a table right outside the Visitor’s Center with a sampling of what’s currently in bloom. Take a look, and then see how many you can locate!  Save some time to explore the Tower & Garden Gift Shop with unique treasures (and a live plant shop for your own garden) to commemorate your visit.

Bok Tower Gardens is open 365 days a year, from 8 – 6.  Visit their website at for visitor guidelines and frequently asked questions.


Bok Tower Gardens List of Flowers That Are Currently Blooming

Flowers That Are Currently Blooming


Order Area at the Blue Palmetto Cafe

Lunch at the Blue Palmetto Cafe


Sandwich & Fries Lunch at the Blue Palmetto Cafe

Lunch at the Blue Palmetto Cafe


Bok Tower & Garden Gift Shop Interior

Tower & Garden Gift Shop


Bok Tower Gardens ~ Colorful Creations 365 Days a Year!

Regardless of which month you visit Bok Tower Gardens you’ll find a variety of flowers and plants in bloom.  That’s the beauty of having a botanical garden right in the middle of the Sunshine State!  During every season (and yes, Florida has them!) color abounds.  For example, when I went in December there was Plumbago, Tropical Gardenia, Chinese Hat, Popcorn Senna, Beautyberry, Brazilian Red Cloak, and Camellias, just to name a few.  The citrus trees were at the height of their growing season, and poinsettias were everywhere.  And the mansion at Pinewood Estate was decked out in all its holiday splendor. Christmastime is truly one of my favorite times at Bok Tower Gardens.


Bok Gardens Red & Green Bromeliad Tree at Christmastime

Bok Gardens Bromeliad Tree at Christmastime


Bok Gardens Pink Powder Puff, Pink Camellia and Beautyberry in December

Outstanding Colorful Blooms in December at Bok Gardens


Orange Trees in Bloom at Bok Gardens During December

Orange Trees at Bok Gardens During December


Red Poinsettias Near the Entrance at Bok Gardens

Poinsettias are Everywhere During the Holidays at Bok Gardens


Inside Pinewood Estate Mansion at Christmas

Mansion at Christmas ~ Pinewood Estate


Bok Gardens in February

My most recent visit was a few days ago in February.  I didn’t expect to see much midway through winter, but Mother Nature proved me wrong.  The Gardens were remarkable!  Sensational Snapdragons were blooming in a variety of bright colors and ranged in height from dwarf to medium to tall.  Their showy slender stalks appeared throughout the Gardens, from potted containers at the entrance to Pinewood Estate, and places in-between.

And speaking of “showy,” the Camellias were the crème de la crème!  They were found in various sections and provided breathtaking eye-candy for anyone with a passion for botanical beauty.  The red, white, and pink flowers (oftentimes mistaken for a rose) were in full bloom during my February visit.  Bird of Paradise, one of my all-time favorite tropical flowers, were also blooming.  The Azaleas… oh my goodness, those Azaleas!  Even though they’re quite common compared to a lot of the offerings here, were extraordinarily beautiful.  It seemed like there were acres of them, in so many varieties — such as Amelia Rose, Gloria, Mardi Gras, Southern Charm, Kissimmee, Edward Bok, and Eugenie.


Bok Gardens Colorful Yellow and Orange Snapdragons

Stunning Snapdragons at Bok Gardens


Hot Pink Aster at Bok Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

“Pretty in Pink” Aster at Bok Gardens in Lake Wales


Bok Gardens Beautiful Pink Bromeliad Blooms in Winter

Beautiful Bromeliad Blooms in Winter


Bok Tower Gardens Red Plumes at Pinewood Estate During Christmas

Red Plumes at Pinewood Estate


Colorful Cacti & Potted Plants at Bok Gardens in February

Colorful Cacti & Potted Plants at Bok Gardens


Pinewood Estate ~ Mediterranean Revival Architecture

A trip to Bok Tower Gardens is not complete without a leisurely stroll around the grounds of Pinewood Estate.  The enchanting 20-room mansion is Mediterranean Revival Architecture, and just under 13,000 square feet.  This area is comprised of nearly 8 acres and was built in the early 1930s for Charles Austin Buck, the vice president of Bethlehem Steel.  “El Retiro” was the original name, which means “retreat” in Spanish.  I purchased a book with the history of Pinewood Estate and Bok Tower Gardens in the gift shop, which I highly recommend.  It was fascinating!

General Admission to the Gardens is $14, and a combo ticket that includes the Pinewood Estate tour is $20. It’s well worth the $6 up-charge which includes the home’s history, and docents are available throughout the mansion to answer questions about the Estate and its furnishings.  Even if you don’t purchase the interior tour of the mansion, do yourself a favor and peruse the immaculate grounds.  You’ll be able to see the formal Mediterranean-style garden, the Spanish frog fountain, an enchanting stone grotto at the front of the house, an Oriental moon gate fountain, and an English-style country garden with a rolling lawn and reflective pond.


Pinewood Estate Exterior at Bok Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

Pinewood Estate at Bok Gardens, Lake Wales Florida


Pinewood Estate Statuary in Lake Wales Florida

Grounds of Pinewood Estate, Lake Wales Florida


Pinewood Estate Mansion Colorful Tiles Provide Latin Influences

Latin Influences at Pinewood Estate ~ Colorful Tiles


Pinewood Estate Mansion and Gardens

Pinewood Estate Mansion and Gardens


Pinewood Estate Oriental Moon Gate Fountain and Gardens

Oriental Moon Gate Fountain and Gardens at Pinewood Estate


Pinewood Estate Colorful Blooms in February

Pinewood Estate in February


Pinewood Estate Mansion with Red Colorful Blooms in February

Pinewood Estate Mansion with Colorful February Blooms


Bamboo and Palm Trees at Pinewood Estate Mansion Lake Wales Florida

Bamboo and Palms at Pinewood Estate Mansion, Bok Gardens


The Singing Tower at Bok Gardens

Towering 205 feet above the Gardens is the neo-Gothic Singing Tower.  It houses one of the world’s finest carillons with 60 bells.  The Art Deco style is made up of stone native to the Southeast, ironwork, tile mosaics, and the infamous sun dial and brass door.  Unfortunately, few people will get to tour the inside of the Singing Tower and see what’s behind the brass door.  To receive a private tour invitation you must hold a Sustainer Level Membership or above.  Even so, the outside of the Tower is worth seeing; it was awarded the grand prize for design in 1930 by the American Institute of Architects.  Carillon concerts occur at 1 & 3 p.m. daily.  They can usually be heard almost anywhere on the grounds of the Gardens.

The carillon musical instrument was designed and built in England, in 1928.  There are only 4 in Florida and 600 worldwide.  Bok Tower Gardens will be hosting the 23rd International Carillon Festival March 4-12. Daily concerts and special events will be performed by world-renowned carillonneurs.  This world-famous music festival only happens twice every 5 years!


Singing Tower with Reflection in Pond at Bok Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

The Singing Tower at Bok Gardens, Lake Wales Florida


The Singing Tower Collage

The Singing Tower Collage


Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden ~ New at Bok Tower Gardens

One of the new additions to Bok Tower Gardens is the children’s play area called Hammock Hollow. What a fantastic idea!  Young children are generally not as interested or impressed by botanical gardens as adults are, therefore, this add-on was a win-win for everyone in the family.  Mom and Dad no longer have to fight with the little ones to go to the Gardens.  In fact, with an activities area like this one, the only battle will be getting the kids to leave.

At 2.7 acres it’s much larger than I envisioned.  The children can enter through the pint-sized keystone gate, where the adventure begins.  There are rocks to climb (careful… you may get wet!), a gigantic spiderweb to maneuver, logs to climb, a painting area for the next Van Gogh to be discovered, sand play area complete with sand pails and water, a stick stack for building forts and other structures, a chickee hut with an outdoor kitchen, frog hop for jumpers, acoustic musical instruments, bird feeding stations, and lots more.  There’s a decent amount of shady areas to escape the hot Florida sun with places to rest and cool down; rope hammocks, secret nap benches, fountains, spray jets, misters, and foggers.  You can read Florida Fun And Fork’s complete review of Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden here.

***Note:  This is not a babysitting service.  The children must be supervised at all times.


Hammock Hollow Keystone Entry for New Children's Play Area at Bok Gardens

Hammock Hollow Keystone Entry for Children’s Play Area at Bok Gardens


Bok Gardens New Hammock Hollow Children's Play Area

Children’s Play Areas at Bok Gardens


Children's Painting Area at the New Hammock Hollow Bok Gardens

Children’s Painting Area at Hammock Hollow


Edible Garden and Outdoor Kitchen ~ New to Bok Tower Gardens

Another upgrade to Bok Tower Gardens is the addition of an Edible Garden & Outdoor Kitchen. Developed by the University of Florida and other growers, it features fruits, herbs, and vegetables.  Of course, the varieties planted are those well suited for Central Florida weather.  This area hosts special events and culinary classes such as Grilling with a Twist, Sippin’ & Suppin’ Under the Stars with Celebrity Chefs, Kids in the Kitchen, Fermentation Festival, Craft Beer & Cuisine, and Brining & Pickling.


Bok Tower Gardens New Outdoor Kitchen Area

Outdoor Kitchen at Bok Tower Gardens


Edible Garden with Swiss Chard and Hot Peppers at Bok Botanical Gardens

Edible Garden at Bok Tower Gardens


A Slice of Old Florida

Bok Tower Gardens gives me a sense of Old Florida — the way our great state used to be before scores of people discovered our little secret.  It’s off-the-beaten-path, yet so easy to access from almost anywhere within Central Florida.  I highly recommend this peaceful piece of paradise.  And even though there’s been a noticeable increase in attendance since the new spaces have premiered, you won’t have tons of tourists stepping on your toes.  The serenity is addictive.


Huge Floating Water Lily Pads at Bok Tower Botanical Gardens in Florida

A Slice of Old Florida at Bok Tower Gardens


Bok Botanical Gardens Wooden Boardwalk Path with Bench in Lake Wales

An Old Florida Attraction at Bok Gardens , Lake Wales


Bok Botanical Gardens Driftwood

Nature at its Best!


Gigantic Palm Leaf at Bok Botanical Gardens in Lake Wales Florida

Gigantic Palm Leaf at Bok Gardens


White Swan in the Reflecting Pond at Bok Tower Botanical Gardens

Swan in the Reflecting Pond at Bok Tower Gardens


Bok Tower Gardens Membership and Reciprocal Program

If you’re in a geographical area that will allow you to return again and again, consider purchasing a Membership.  With 11 different Membership Levels, there’s one that fits most budgets.  Hubby and I purchased the “Duo” right before the price increase (we paid $55).  But even at $70 for 2 people it’s a bargain.  Not only do you get unlimited visits to Bok Tower Gardens and discounts at the Blue Palmetto Cafe and Tower Garden Gift Shop, it also includes a reciprocal admission program that allows free or greatly reduced entry prices for other select botanical gardens and museums in Florida and throughout the country.

For example, Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando offers free admission simply by showing your Bok Tower Gardens Membership Card (and photo ID).  Here’s my Leu Gardens Review and Photo Tour from a recent visit.  This is another gorgeous botanical garden and museum that is also on the National Register of Historic Places.  Additionally, The Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden in Winter Park has free reciprocal admission.  The sculptures in this outdoor sculpture garden are amazing!  To me, if a facility is on the National Register, it’s usually worth seeing.  In total, there are 47 botanical gardens and/or museums in the state of Florida alone that participate in this program.

You can check out the Membership Application for Bok Gardens on their website.


Bok Tower Gardens Map and Directions




5 Florida Botanical Gardens with Rich Roots!

What do you get when you combine a passion for botanical beauty with America’s wealthiest families? You get 5 Florida Gardens with Rich Roots!  It’s a fascinating article revealing the connection between the richest people in America and their winter homes here in Florida!



WHERE:  Bok Tower Gardens, 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853

WHEN:  April 1, 2018, 7:00 am — Gate opens at 6:00 a.m

COST:  Complimentary Admission until 8:00 a.m

In addition to an inspiring Easter message, enjoy a carillon performance by Geert D’hollander

For an additional fee a buffet breakfast will be served in the Blue Palmetto Café following the service


Have you been to Bok Tower Gardens?  Please share your experience or any questions about this National Historic Landmark in the Comment box below!

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Epcot Festival of the Arts Premier – Review and Photos


Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Epcot International Festival of the Arts


Epcot Festival of the Arts Premier

Epcot has a brand new festival.  It’s called the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.  The inaugural event runs from January 13 – February 20, Fridays through Mondays only.  This first-ever celebration is the result of mixing visual, culinary, and performing arts inspired by cultures from all over the world.  Anytime you introduce something new, there’s always room for improvement.  Disney knows that better than any other company out there.  It’s a given that future Festival of the Arts will be bigger and better than this initial one, but honestly, they set the bar pretty high — higher than my expectations.

Initially, I thought they probably just came up with a concept to fill in the low-attendance time period between the holidays and the beginning of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival (see photos of the 2016 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival here).  I was convinced it was simply Disney flexing their master-marketing muscles; a month-long money-making scheme in the middle of the off-season.  I was wrong!


Color Abounds at Epcot Festival of the Arts!

Color Abounds at Epcot Festival of the Arts!


Color and Creativity Everywhere!

For a moment, upon entering the theme park, I thought I was at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.  On display at the main entrance was a sea of sensational color — gorgeous fuchsia and purple blooms.  It looked like someone had taken gallons of brightly colored paint and splattered them everywhere; eye catching, to say the least.  This spectacular burst of color set the stage for what was to come at the Festival of the Arts; I’m sure it was strategic.


Colorful Entrance to Epcot's Festival of the Arts

Colorful Entrance to Epcot’s Festival of the Arts


A Sea of Sensational Color at Epcot Festival of the Arts

A Sea of Sensational Color at Epcot Festival of the Arts


Epcot Living Statues

After leaving the impressive picturesque area just inside the front gate (probably the best “selfie” spot in the entire park), I couldn’t wait to encounter the next “wow” moment at the Festival of the Arts.  I didn’t have to wait long.  There was live entertainment at the Fountain View Stage and Plaza in Future World.  Well, maybe “live” isn’t the best word to describe it.  There were three different life-size cast figures expertly sculpted; one in silver, the next in gold, and the third in a bronze material.  A large crowd had gathered around the human representations, so of course I had to investigate the reason for their popularity.  Turns out the statuaries were alive and breathing.  Well, I never seen them blink or utter a word, but I know real blood was running through their veins because I did see them move at times.

Long lines had formed by families who watched in awe as the statues came to life.  Sporadically they would interact with guests posing for photos.  Every now and then the calculated moves were downright hilarious. The living statues brought back fond memories of the ones that used to be stationed around the France Pavilion many years ago.  The death of Epcot’s living statues was a sad day for me, so imagine my joy to witness their resurrection at the Festival of the Arts.

NOTE…   The entertainment in this area changes throughout the day.  I got to see the remarkable living statues, but you may see a vocal ensemble singing American pop tunes, a festive marching band, a splendid jazz quartet, or a lively choral performance by some of Central Florida’s finest high schools and universities.


Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts

Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts


Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts

Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts


Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts

Living Statues at the Festival of the Arts


Galleries Throughout the Park

As I walked away from the living statues, I couldn’t help but think, “How in the world do they do that?” Some of these street artists pose as statues for hours at a time.  Incredible concentration and focus!

Well, I had only been inside the Festival of the Arts for less than half an hour, but I was already loving it.  The immense amount of creative gifts and talents in the world never ceases to amaze me.  My next stop was one of the Art Galleries spread throughout the park at  the Odyssey Festival Showplace in Future World East. On display here was the work of Mary Blair, Herb Ryman, and some Disney Original Art.  I’m under strict orders from hubby not to bring home any more artwork, so my willpower was getting quite a workout browsing the masterpieces on display.  There was a variety of artistic styles, which made my window shopping even more enjoyable.


Artwork by Mary Blair and Herb Ryman on Display

Artwork by Mary Blair and Herb Ryman on Display


Disney Original Art

Disney Original Art



Food Studios at the International Festival of the Arts

Regardless of which Epcot festival you attend, it just wouldn’t be as memorable without the creative food offerings that are custom-made for each event; food items that aren’t available any other time of year.  We were first introduced to food kitchens at Disney’s Food and Wine Festival, then food kiosks at International Flower and Garden Festival were added, and here they are again at the Festival of the Arts.  Only this time, the food was waaaay more gourmet-ish!  Each small plate was an edible work of art almost too beautiful to destroy, rivaling the presentation and flavors found in any 5-star restaurant.  The prices ranged from $6 – $14, a bit hefty for just a few bites, but no regrets here.  In all fairness, each one was quite labor intensive to put together.  Watching the chefs work their mouth-watering magic made the delectable morsels even more wonderful.  Hubby and I tried eight different gourmet treats; each was flat-out fantastic!


Deconstructive BLT with Crispy Pork Belly, Tomato Jam, and Soft Poached Egg

Deconstructed BLT with Crispy Pork Belly, Tomato Jam, and Soft Poached Egg


Shrimp Ceviche with Lime-Mint Foam

Shrimp Ceviche with Lime-Mint Foam


Charcuterie Palette with Artisan Cured Meats, Applewood-smoked Duck Breast, and Cheese

Charcuterie Palette with Artisan Cured Meats, Applewood-smoked Duck Breast, and Cheese


Smoked Salmon Tartare, Caviar, Crisp Lavash, and Traditional Accompaniments

Smoked Salmon Tartare, Caviar, Crisp Lavash, and Traditional Accompaniments


Pan-seared Scallop with Chorizo, Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, and Parmesan Crisp

Pan-seared Scallop with Chorizo, Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, and Parmesan Crisp


Braised Beef Short Rib with Parsnip Puree, Broccolini, Baby Tomatoes, and Aged Balsamic

Braised Beef Short Rib with Parsnip Puree, Broccolini, Baby Tomatoes, and Aged Balsamic


Port Wine-poached Pear, Vanilla Panna Cotta, and Pistachio Crumbs

Port Wine-poached Pear, Vanilla Panna Cotta, and Pistachio Crumbs



Meet the Artists!

Each weekend of the Epcot Festival of the Arts features different artists.  A highlight of our visit was meeting the various creators.  Every one of them shared unique facts and tidbits about their creative art skills.  To me, the stories behind the art can be as incredible as the art itself!  For example, we met Jeff Laibson who specializes in the art of music.  Each musically inspired piece is full of rhythm, and emotionally evocative. You see, this artist is also a renowned composer; a musician who has performed all over the world with some very famous people.  He later became a professor of music at the University of Miami.  His artwork was absolutely amazing, and the conversation as warm as an old friendship.

Then there was Rodel Gonzalez.  He’s got artistic DNA from his father and grandfather, who were artists. His artistry, like Jeff Laibson,  also became evident in the field of music.  At the age of 20 he founded “Side A” in the Philippines.  He was the lead singer and the band’s most prolific songwriter.  The band is still active today and is currently the longest-lived band in Manila.

When you attend the Festival of the Arts, don’t just scurry by the displays that are not your “style” — take a moment to engage the artist.  I guarantee you will learn something!


Artwork by Jeff Laibson

Artwork by Jeff Laibson


A Masterpiece Taking Shape Right Before Our Eyes!

A Masterpiece Taking Shape Right Before Our Eyes!


Live Painting of a Mural

Live Painting of a Mural


Colorful Creations at Epcot Festival of the Arts

Colorful Creations at Epcot Festival of the Arts


Imaginative Chalk Artists

Imaginative Chalk Artists



In Conclusion…

What happens when you mix visual, culinary, and performing arts inspired by cultures from all around the world?  You get a global masterpiece!  You get the Epcot International Festival of the Arts!   I believe the inaugural event was a success, at least in my book.  I’m sure Disney has just laid the foundation of something awesome that will be built upon for many years to come.  Kudos to “the Mouse” for producing a top-notch artistic production to fill the void between holiday happiness and those first blooms of spring at Epcot!



Have you been to the inaugural Epcot International Festival of the Arts?  Please share your experience with our readers.  Or, perhaps you have a question about this premier event.  Reply in the comment box below — I’ll try my best to answer it!


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