Review: Huffy Deluxe Cruiser The Ultimate Women’s Vanity Bicycle

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Review: Huffy Deluxe Women's Cruiser


I Love My New Set of Wheels!

To me, my Huffy Deluxe Cruiser is as cool as a classic car.  No, really!  My brand new Huffy Cruiser bicycle has details reminiscent of vintage vehicles of yesteryear.  My women’s Cruiser bike came complete with white-wall tires (well, in this case they’re not exactly white), classic fenders, adjustable rear rack, handlebar wire basket, a beverage holder, and an over-sized padded spring saddle seat with embroidery.  And, did I mention the color?  MINT GREEN!  Oh yeah.  (Well, the manufacturer calls it mint green.  Although I wouldn’t call it that, I do love whatever color it is!)  It’s not that I like to stand out in a crowd… but with this Huffy bicycle, I just do!   Boring and bland is not my cup of tea.  If everything else in my life reflects my unique personality, why shouldn’t my bike?


My Quest for a Single Speed Bike Was Not Easy!

For many years I’ve had a desire to start riding bike again, but got bummed out every time I went looking for one.  I’m a “seasoned citizen” now (that’s my term for ‘senior’), and I haven’t ridden a bicycle in decades, so I didn’t want one of those popular speed bikes.  Do you know how difficult it is to find a single speed adult bike?  One that doesn’t look juvenile?  I had almost given up hope, until one day hubby and I came across this Huffy Deluxe Women’s Cruiser.  Of course, it was on a day when we were not searching for a bicycle.  Isn’t that usually how it goes?


A Custom-Designed Cruiser?

I’ve only had my Huffy Cruiser for a few months and it has already exceeded my expectations.  It’s stylish, functional, and fast.  Compared to other bikes in my past — well, it’s beyond compare!  Virtually every time I ride, I get multiple compliments on it.  People absolutely love the retro-look… and the cool color!  Some even think it was custom-designed, and are surprised to find out otherwise.  And then I tell them how affordable it was!

I ride my Huffy Cruiser about 3 days a week, 7-8 miles at a time, and have not had any major issues with it, apart from routine maintenance.  After 168 miles, the back tire required a little air, and at times the seat coils squeak when riding over bounces.

I live in Florida where afternoon thunderstorms pop up almost daily, sometimes with little warning, so I really appreciate the distinctive flared fenders that help keep me clean and dry.  (TIP: Just like anything with chrome, it requires a little polish from time to time.  In a hot, humid environment like Florida, chrome can easily rust without routine maintenance.)

My Huffy Deluxe Cruiser is sporty and extremely well built; I feel very safe riding it.  You know it has to be strongly constructed for the manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame.  (NOTE: The bike is very heavy so I am not sure how it would respond with hills.  Again, with the flatness of Florida, that’s not an issue for me.)

I cannot speak to the element of assembly, as I purchased mine already assembled and ready to ride!  (TIP: You may want to take your Huffy Cruiser to a bike shop for assembly. And while you’re there, get a little of the right touch-up paint for those inevitable dings.  If you purchase your Huffy Cruiser through an off-price online retailer like Amazon, it will still be less expensive than paying retail for this bike.)  Here’s the Amazon link to the Women’s Huffy Deluxe Cruiser to compare prices.


Coming Soon


Huffy Deluxe Cruiser — For the Young and Young at Heart!

Fifty-nine isn’t as old as it used to be!  I may live in an active-adult community, but this grandma isn’t over-the-hill yet!  In fact, I feel much younger whenever I’m on my Huffy Cruiser.  Seriously!  It’s a mindset, I guess.  Riding a Cruiser is about feeling awesome.  It’s that simple.  I’ve added a few photos of my Huffy hangin’ out in Solivita (which means ‘Life in the Sun!’) where I live.

As you can see, I love to ride to our Farmer’s Market on Monday’s and Friday’s.  Also, my best friend from Pennsylvania, Ms. Lucy, is hoping to move to Solivita after retirement — so I’ve been using my Women’s Huffy Cruiser to go house hunting recently.  In addition to that, I ride on the miles and miles and miles of perfectly manicured bike paths strategically placed throughout my 55+ gated community.

Even though the Huffy Cruiser is awesome exercise for the older sector, this bike has become quite popular with younger college students.  Imagine your daughter or grand-daughter cruising the campus on this beauty!  It’s a head-turner, for sure.  And the wire basket and adjustable rear rack are perfect for a backpack, iPad, or stack of books.  With the double density grips and pedals (I can even wear sandals without any foot slippage) it will be a comfortable ride and cheap mode of transportation.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that my Huffy Deluxe Cruiser was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long, long time.  It’s comfortable, stylish, and very well built.  And, for the price point, it’s a great value.  I highly recommend this vintage-looking bicycle!

I’ll keep you posted as I explore more and more uses for my new set of wheels!


Gone House Hunting with My Huffy Deluxe Cruiser

Gone House Hunting with My Huffy!


Shopping at the Solivita Farmers Market with My Huffy!

Shopping with My Huffy!


Resting with My Huffy Deluxe Cruiser!

Resting with My Huffy!





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